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Kite & Board Demo This Weekend

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Kite & Board Demo This Weekend

Postby BS-USA » Wed Jan 26, 2005 8:29 pm

Kite & Board Demo This Weekend-Jan 29th,30th . Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota A.K.A. Kite Island.

Guys and girls...this weekend we are coming down to ride @ kite island!! We are going to load up the trailer with kites and boards and come down. Everybody is welcome to check out 2005 gear from all of your favorite brands.

Boards available for demo...
Tons of Flow boards mounted up with Flow bindings...Switchblade boards and some really tricked out stuff from Lib Tech snowboards including the Doughboy 193cm and the Lib Tech Magne Traction.

Alex Peterson came up and showed us the ATL system for the '05 Fuels. It works really, really nice!! Come check that out or try out one of the Diesels featuring the AP-'Auto Pilot'. Take your pick from every size of the Fuel & Diesel line available for demo.

Ozone- Choose from the whole fleet of 2005 Frenzys featuring the new and unique safety feature - the 'ReLoad and Ride' Safety System and 3 additional sizes this year. Plus Ozones new 2005 Samurai is a big hit and comes in a 2,3,4,5,6,7.2.

Liquid Force is hitting the kite market big!! They have the second generation LEI kite the Spectrum II. Your choice from the whole fleet on hand for demo.

Best- our 2005 shipment has not arrived yet but we do have a few sizes to try in the Yarga line!!

Dakine- Various harnesses on hand to for you to try out. Specifically the Fusion and Storm seat, plus the Tabu and Pyro waist.

Also, I hear Blake Pelton from Peter Lynn is going to be present with piles of kites to try!!

If you are set on gear already, awesome!! that case let's just ride. If kite island is your regular riding spot and you don't need any demos, please don't let us scare you off!! We will stay out of your way!! Hope to see y'all there. We'll be there all day Saturday and Sunday. Just look for a teal green GMC pickup truck towing the 16' black Board Sports trailer.

Ask for Jason or Melissa!!

Any questions?? Feel free to give us a call...1.866.502.8200 or Sat-Sun...hopefully our cell will be working out there...218.838.0792

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