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Mystic Blazer harness fit questions

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Mystic Blazer harness fit questions

Postby czo » Thu Jan 13, 2011 4:34 am

Hello all,
I've been using a kitewing with skis and skates for the last couple winters. Getting a lot more into it (and hopefully kiting too) and looking to get a harness. Pretty much settled on the mystic blazer. But I can't decide on the size. I wear size 33 waist pants, but they tend to be worn on the hips a bit below the real waist. I also usually wear a thin ibex wool shirt, a thin primaloft one puff, and a shell over that. I get hot, but am still warm when I stop. I tried on an extra large (36-38 waist. Basically all the straps are cranked all the way down, and it while it seems to fit, at the top of the back of the harness there is a gap where it isn't tight to my back, you can stick your hand in there pretty easy. Seems like it wouldn't be supportive, but maybe if you're leaning back into the harness when clipped in it wouldn't be an issue. Almost seems like it would be like this with a smaller size, because just the waist belt won't fix it, like you'd need a 2nd set of angled webbing to pull it tight there. The place I'm buying this from is out of the large size (34-36) so I kind of have to choose between medium (32-34). Don't really know how these are supposed to fit, if they size it expecting you to have some winter layers on, etc. The XL is def too big, just not sure if the med would be ideal. Judging by the 6 or more inches of extra strap hanging off every closure, I'm guessing it would be ok. Mail order is a bitch. Any direction or thoughts on getting the size right would be most welcome.
- Czo

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Re: Mystic Blazer harness fit questions

Postby Kamikuza » Thu Jan 13, 2011 8:56 am

Welcome another Kitewingnut! :thumb: :cool2: I don't use a harness with mine, but I'm on hard-packed surfaces ...

Medium sounds like it would be very close to right but I know how you feel - want to be 100% sure!
... try a store like, they looked after me here and I'll be buying my next harness from them!

FYI adding your location to your info will help with giving advice about brick'n'mortar stores too :)

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