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Cool gliding session

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Cool gliding session

Postby Boulgakow » Sun Nov 27, 2011 12:19 pm


The snow conditions are getting hard now at the Lautaret pass.
The last snowshower is really far now.
We just hope the south-east wind blowing to go to the high-mountain spots with pretty good powder snow up-there.
Otherwise, when we have to stay near the pass (all other wind directions), the snow is super icy, lot of grass parts around, but this is the only one snowkiting spot at the moment in France.
So, we are happy to keep going there for some light wind sessions.

Here is the link to the video about our last one.
This is an answer to the Waynepjh's post about how safe is gliding with a kite.
Robby already answered about this new way we're used to do, I mean gliding the longer as possible but keeping really close to the snow. Very interesting, not so easy, that needs good skills, and if something wrong would happen, we won't fall very hard anyway.
Of course, it's a lot better with smooth fresh powder than hard snow.
In this case, be really careful and go gliding only if you are definitely sure to never fall down or hurt any rock or tree around.
Well, the discussion is open :P

Thank you.


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