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Sweden - Arctic Pompei - The World Spot

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Sweden - Arctic Pompei - The World Spot

Postby flyvan » Sun Mar 18, 2012 11:39 am

report (translation by google)

Nothing was planned, indeed, just because I never thought I would have preferred to leave the weekend with a couple of friends who had come to see me.
But the sky and electric blue, no or few clouds, those fine nuances that color the snow. the wind ... fort is, on 26nodi, but the damage down. maybe too much.
I apologize to the family, but duty calls me. I expected the wind. action and put on my clothes outside to load the kangoo.
throw in the M7 Apex III 9m and 12m on 5m. In this way I had full coverage and a small footprint. If the wind was already weak when I arrived at the base of the spot, I got only 12, if instead, it was still above 20 knots, I would take 9 to 5 because it meant that the predictions were wrong and not already I could trust .... perhaps even reinforced by passing 40 knots as in all these recent days.

Arrival at the base, downwind, and the plants already swaying. I do not doubt and just put everything in a backpack.
I start walking, I do not want to put the skins for such a short road ... a drop of about 100m and a couple of miles.
MI was expecting a frozen snow, at least in the early hours of the session ... and actually had gelatissima. marble. I left no trace either. But I knew that over time would become very beautiful. The wind was already falling when walking ... but it was enough and I would certainly not come back to make the change sails. I open the 9m and on ... I left the grove of birch trees and I forwarded the plateau, in the direction of the first 2 mountains. everything perfectly with a brace and snow gelatissima and foils now after this season, I had a lot of grip and I could not be "aggressive" in the trajectories.

But I like to grind km by km ... until you get close to a hut-hut which was just at the base of the second mountain. There was a bit of people who feasted with snowmobiles. I can not get them right, because I was downwind of the mountain far ... and did not want to risk being without them the key. then proceed back towards the first mountain that I'm sure lets the wind by a corridor. also there is a bivouac. Check up to them and a small crowd applauds. I'm embarrassed, but luckily there was a friend of mine ... that of the first video of kite this year. has just begun. But hell ... was there to take a walk with the cross country and almost seems to cry when his false question whether the condition was good, I answer that was great. poor. I leave that kind of ride that I wanted to do, then we hug and leave with the wind .... short I disappeared behind the mountain.

I put in a wooded valley ... scattered birches. I did not know whether to expect a strengthening of the wind for the coming or if I was going downwind ... a few degrees difference in wind direction and changes everything. I slip between the plants, surplus and always against the wind ... the snow is already starting to improve a lot.
the narrow and closer and I have to cross back in to continue.

the wind drops more and more but with open-angle minibordini can dimenarmi and never to end up sailing on the plants. Then I fell several times, but luckily when there is always space to accommodate the whole millimeter. destination to another shelter. there are people looking at me in astonishment.
I step aside waiting for a few cycle ... which allow me to advance step by step and then to land the kite just to mention running out ... so I can always still do not park on the plants. now are almost out of the woods but at the foot of the mountain that I obscure the wind. take a few steps on skis, dragging the kite. arrival in the middle of the narrow passage and from there starts another infinite space .... wonderful. was there already was 2 times up to that point ... with a snowmobile and a kite ... but both times, the view was "disturbed" .... now shows itself in all its splendor.

The wind is still rare, non-constant thermal cycles, while the true wind is stopped again by heavy weather I'm going through and probably the next.
I wanted to continue exactly in the plateau and head straight in front, but I was afraid too much wind. after long pauses, I decide it's best to try to climb the mountains on the opposite side, to climb up and retrieve the wind forecast. I can reach the basa of the mountain (which is the opposite side of the first plateau of the other 2 mountains). The wind was still spring ... but it will be the last time. while passing a group of ski hikers and a guy asked me how far it was my kite ... he also had a backpack ... 7.5 a frenzy of 2007. I also had it.
tells me that he tried to open but can not get ... just the plain where I wanted to go and cross, but which I feared the shadow of the wind. well, the deduction was proper. sprucing me kindly to sail and goes away to join the group. I'm struck by the gust of Women and allotment ... after a few meters of ascent, the wind begins to strengthen and return to what it was ... show. I climb I climb to the summit, which was invaded by huge boulders protruding.
the helmet camera I will get right on top lifts ... But things are obvious ... always happens on the best, otherwise Murphy would not be happy.
I find that the small plateau just below the top of the mountains along the czech follow them, being quite attentive to many stone outcropping. I can go around the mountains. and my eyes fill, fill up with no less spirit. wwwwoooowww
I am excited like a virgin. I did not know where to go. The small program was to get a saddle that came 2 mountains on the plateau and bring me back home to resume their way back. but I was sure that if I fell from there I met the absolute chip only and did not want to throw out the session. on the other could not see what kind of soil I should gliù skiing and did not want to slip into the dark fields of rocks exposed on the steep slope. I did not want even more to close the kite ... I wanted to use.

Then I go back a bit and go down the hillside where I find a place with a snow lovable. game a bit 'and I look around. Meanwhile, the wind seems to decrease in height and reminding me to think of predictions about the tens of miles that separated me from the car. better to think about returning.
the way I did the first leg would be impossible ... or go over in the downwind wind in the woods ... a failure. then I ricosteggiare whole west side of the mountain until you find the stones to step down before anyone else on the opposite side, and reach the second hut where I met my friend.
But I did the shit.
the wind that I decide to cross the saddle is still tense but steady. I will not close the kite. I finally find myself in the midst of stones in all directions. scio also on the tundra and on a thin ice stratino acute that I separated the slabs of stones and shrubs. if they fall ... I play another year of life. are live .... indeed I fear. I'm away, I only have fragile bones. I was wrong .... but I will not lower the kite ... because in the meantime, he parked at the edge and window trim in half, has never made a joke, never a hint of instability, but never a tear if rilasciavo the bar ... was totally or almost depolverizzato, while proceeded in crosspieces to the right and left along the ridge to search for the passage before anyone else stones.

indeed, the 9m has resulted in the best way desirable. I have never seen a kite so stable, with so much depower and wind range. Sailing is the only absolute. and I would say is the best even for the back country because they do not want to bring heavy backpacks and have only she is the top. at worst, you can thread a lightweight Apex 5m which is very small and very light fabric and scrocchiate (non UL) and really I can cover all the winds. from 3-4 to 40-50 knots. What you want to +? this is my perfect quiver and 12 and 7 as I thought.

however, I can find a path going up a bit towards the top of the saddle, then skirted across all still in the saddle from the back and then down towards the hut.
I do not stop even at the cottage ... Continuous straight shot, because the wind is less and less here and there are still many km do not want to do in the leg.
the wind died completely at 1.5km from the car ... but considering that the last kilometer was all downhill ... I had to walk for very little, after I had removed all the equipment and I had slept in the spring sunshine.
skiing and final drive.
That's cool!!

now I leave you with images of the video is finally uploaded ... I hope that reading the first story, I can understand the video itself, the place, my emotions .... adventure and the joy that infuses snowkiting in solitary fact in some places.
... And also understand the disappointment I had when I realized that I had no batteries in the main camera. Luckily I had another camera .... But that is not convenient to use while you kite in some places.


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