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Ozone Summit Review

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Ozone Summit Review

Postby Noahpz » Wed Dec 19, 2012 3:14 am

After a dozen days snow kiting with the new Ozone Summit I feel that I can write a thorough review of this kite’s performance. I have flown the 10 and 12m Summit in a wide range of conditions: shifty, gusty mountain winds, one low wind day testing the kite’s bottom end and I had a couple mid-range days that were clearly just easy snow kiting. Until yesterday I had not had a day that tested the upper limits of this kite. Yesterday I experienced the ultimate test of the Summit. I finally was able to fly this kite in powerful winds that were at or beyond the kite’s upper range.
To sum up my experience: The new Ozone Summit is a superb flying machine.

The Summit is notable for its ability to loop extraordinarily well. This kite will loop with constant and dependable pull. There is no on/off in power delivery – just smooth consistent power generation. This was observed during that extremely light wind session where slow loops were the only way to inch back up the mountain. This was also seen and felt during moderate winds when my partner and I both were throwing front and back rolls and finishing with a kite loop. Climbing steep terrain is made easy with the Summit. Looping the kite directly in the power zone was amazing: The kite turns so fast and will fly an arc so tightly that it seemed like I was climbing on a snow- covered escalator.

Another performance characteristic of the Summit is how well it flies upwind. This kite points really well and generates a mountain of speed very quickly. Its flight reminds me of another stellar Ozone performer, the race-proven Edge. With a couple small pulls on the bar the Summit will sine quickly and get up to speed quickly. At speed, one can feel the kite lock into position and really point upwind without any additional bar input. Flying the Summit low in the window, a small amount of bar pressure will move the kite back in the power zone and generate a ton of low end grunt. For such a fast kite, that low end is really nice when the winds were light, especially in deep powder.

Back to the loop: More than once when I was sure that I was going to drag a wing tip while looping the kite, I would watch in amazement as the kite would spin a quick “J” right at the bottom of the window. So quickly were these redirections that I would wonder if it was me or the kite?! Like the Frenzy, the Summit will redirect quickly and with precision. It is a superb flying machine. Boosting the Summit generated lots of hang time and the kite can quickly spin heli-loops for easy landings. It’s a really fun boosting kite. Downwind is where a fast looping kite brings on the smiles. Looping the kite in the power zone and using a combination of gravity and kite power I could not have been happier. This kite performs beautifully.

At the higher end of the kite’s wind range I was confidently able to fly the 12m in powder snow with winds approaching 30mph. Beyond that wind speed, having the 10 and 8m sizes will cover all my snowkiting needs.

Teching out, the Summit has many internal design refinements that will make it perform and last for years. New internal Mylar reinforcements ensure consistent shape and longevity. This is evident in the precision of the trailing edge trim. Safety systems are redundant and easy to use: Hand activated brake strap, back-line flag-out, the penultimate 5th line, and, the Megatron chicken loop. This year’s backpack is a kite mountaineer’s dream. It’s robustly built, is really well sized for a full day tour and has many features that one only finds in high-end mountain packs.

The 8, 10, and 12m Summit is my ultimate 3 kite quiver. The performance is remarkable. The design and construction is flawless. And the range will get you out and back in the lightest of winds to explosive winter conditions.

Thanks for Reading and See Ya Out There,

Noah Poritz
Summit on the Wave.jpg
Noah in Island Park, Idaho.jpg
Gusty Shifty Test Drive.jpg
First Flight 12m Summit.jpg
Deep Snow.jpg
Boosting the Summit.jpg
Archer Flyin His New 12m Summit.jpg
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Re: Ozone Summit Review

Postby g-force junkie » Wed Dec 19, 2012 4:31 am

first class review, love reading your posts as you are one of a few pioneers out there. I know I and alot of others rely on the info you provide for snowkiters.

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Re: Ozone Summit Review

Postby whiteout » Wed Dec 19, 2012 4:21 pm

The summit also is so balanced that it drifts down the line during pow slashing decents, hovers and keeps its shape awaiting your next move!

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Re: Ozone Summit Review

Postby plummet » Thu Dec 20, 2012 11:02 am

I spent 5 days in the sand dunes kitebuggying and landboarding on the 8,10 and 12, summit. Reminds me of the manta or yore. but the loops are more refined at the kite is crazy stable for a foil. I foil run directly at the kite slack line it and it would drift and hold its shape. its suitably fast too. not too far off lei speed. very impressive.

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Re: Ozone Summit Review

Postby Hannay » Fri Dec 21, 2012 4:56 pm

Great review, I am looking forward to getting mine on the snow soon!

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