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The Bighorn Snowkite Summit!...Jackson Hole Kiters...

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Snow kite spots are growing fastly and epicly.
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Re: The Bighorn Snowkite Summit!...Jackson Hole Kiters...

Postby knewschool » Sun Nov 24, 2013 2:50 am

Lewmt, you can park a 5th wheel at the Lovell overlook parking and spend the night. That is the turnout on the right very near the top. There is no plowing for that pullout so if you park there check the weather, park accordingly, or be ready to dig. It's a large lot so there is room for a bunch of vehicles and it is in our Forrest Service Permit as event parking.

Whiteout, depending on what you mean by camp, you can sleep right where you kite, right at the Wyoming High Country Lodge, or at the Lovell overlook pullout if you're talking car camping. Simply not at the Crystal Creek Parking. You basically have the entire National Forrest to camp. If you read about the event you'll also notice that rides are supported by the Wyoming High Country lodge with 2 snowcats and some sleds. So far more than 30 people are bringing their own sleds. You can leave your car at the parking over night but we're trying to minimize the total cars in the lot so carpooling is encouraged.

I've read 60 RSVP questionnaires I haven't found anyone who has said they wanted to sleep in a trailer or mobile home yet, so if you haven't sent an email to and are planning on coming please do it. Otherwise we can't coordinate for you.

Please for this event when you are talking to the National Forrest and local Business around Lovell, Wyoming be as nice as possible. The JHK have been going out of our way to create a good relationship with this area regarding snowkiting and snowkiters. They have been very helpful and are hoping for any economic boost. So think of yourself as an ambassador of our sport even if the Mormon farmers, and the National Forrest Service aren't your cup of tea.

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Re: The Bighorn Snowkite Summit!...Jackson Hole Kiters...

Postby crabnebula » Sun Dec 08, 2013 4:19 am

Ikon USA arrived on dec 3 and had a great time
Good conversations and great new ideas about the true future of snow kiting

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