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French Snowkite Championship 2014 - Col Des Supeyres

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French Snowkite Championship 2014 - Col Des Supeyres

Postby Toby » Tue Feb 25, 2014 11:02 pm

Flysurfer News:

French Snowkite Championship 2014 - Col Des Supeyres

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This year the French snowkite race competition has 2 stops, the first one was in the center of France in Massif Central (15th-16th of February).

A part of the Flysurfer team arrived on Friday the 14th and could train before the competition. Winds picked up during the day, giving perfect conditions for a long distance ride and some nice jumps.

On Saturday morning the first rider meeting was at 9 am, but the race was delayed because of foggy conditions. Then a strong rain arrived on the spot, cancelling all the competition for that day.

In the evening a nice dinner was organised in the small village called Valcivières, a few kilometers from the spot. More than 120 people participated in the dinner, mostly riders coming from all over France. For sure the organisation of the event was perfect, thanks to KAF association and all the local people who helped to make it a succes.

No snow left down in the village so the usual snowball fight couldn’t happen, weather changed and it began to snow on the spot and snow conditions looked promising for the next day.
On Sunday morning, the spot was perfect, as soon as the fog disappeared and the wind picked up the race could start. 3 runs were held in each category, ski and snowboard could be finished on a quite long distance. A perfect competition day with over 50 riders racing.

Great result for the Flysurfer team, here’s the ranking (overall)

- Nicolas Jacquemond (Flysurfer)
- Janick Volle (Flysurfer)
- Antoine Michea (Flysurfer)

- Gilles Sandona (Flysurfer)
- Damien Rivals (Peter Lynn)
- Lionel Labouré (Flysurfer)

Julie Dussot was 5th overall in the snowboard competition, winning the women division and finishing in front of a lot of men.

On Sunday, Flysurfer France and the local snowkite school offered free kite training for the public. PEAK and VIRON flew all day long, training people of all ages.

Thanks and congrats to the KAF association for the great organisation of this event with more than 20 people working on it to have it running smoothly.

Thanks to all the riders who flew their Flysurfer kites, never seen so many Flysurfer kites in the air on the same spot.

A few lucky ones could enjoy the perfect conditions on Monday, which seemed like the perfect bonus day.

More pictures HERE

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