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The 5th and final round UK and Spain

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The 5th and final round UK and Spain

Postby Toby » Tue Aug 19, 2014 11:25 am

Peter Lynn News:

The 5th and final round UK and Spain

The 5th round of the PKA national racing series.

Matthew Job reports:
This weekend saw the fifth and final round of the national series hosted by the Parakart Association. This round was held at the fantastic Welsh beach of Pembrey the home of CLSC ( The beach is within the grounds of the country park which has onsite camping facilities, so the majority of the competitors arrived on Friday night to set up camp and an early practise. The conditions on Friday were very good and we were hopeful for the same for the Saturday. When we woke on Saturday the wind was a little light but sufficient to get on with the competion.

After the “short” walk to the technical area we were all set up and ready to begin the first race. The 13.4m vapor was the weapon of choice for most. I made a good start with Ryan just ahead, we rounded the top mark in this order, when returning down the beach Adrian was able to carry a little more speed through the corners and passed me for second. Towards the end of the second lap the wind had picked up and I was struggling a little with the 13.4 but was able to hold my position to the finish. I think Ryan had the same problem loosing the lead to Adrian, James was unlucky and tangled with another competitor which resulted in a broken line.
PKA-Pembrey1.jpg (183.43 KiB) Viewed 1050 times
As the wind had increased, I changed down to the 11.2m vapor for the next race. This was a good choice as it was the perfect size. It was another good start with Ryan and Adrian just ahead, myself and James were very close behind, on the return back down to the start Ryan’s kite luffed which allowed James and myself to get passed until we touched kites resulting in mine heading to the ground! It had been raining but luckily it was on a dry part of the beach, I recovered quickly but had lost a couple of places to Tommy and Pete. James managed to get away, and held a good second for the rest of the race. I had to make do with 5th this time. As we finished it was raining a little so we quickly packed the kites away.

Despite the showery drizzle we decided to go for another races. It was good that the wind was still constant as we all wanted to stay on the same kites. As we were waiting for the start, the rain increased and it was touch and go whether the race would be started, but it was and we all headed for the first mark with slightly sluggish kites. Do to the heavy kites it was difficult to maintain the tight line upwind for the first corner as had been the case for the other races. The two leaders made the corner, but Ryan who was in third realised it was too tight and decided to make a tack, which resulted in a mass tangle as nobody behind could react quickly enough. I managed to keep my kite flying despite being in the tangle, it was very wet kites for those that went to the ground. I finally got going but had quite a few places to make up. Half way through the race I had made it back to 3rd, only the two leaders in front. I could see Adrian closing quickly and he caught be by the end of the second lap. On the third lap I was able to maintain my healthy lead over 5th place but couldn’t close in on the leaders, however it was fun watching Adrian chasing them down, a feat he achieved taking 1st place only meters before the finish line.

As we finished the race the rain had stopped so I stayed flying to dry my kite which was a good move as the 11.2m vapor was again the correct kite for the last and final race. Determined not to get caught up in any more tangles at the start I made sure I was in a good position and I made a good start, crossing the line in second with Ryan ahead. The wind had shifted a little making it easier to get to the first mark and it was a clean start for all, the race was uneventful for Ryan and myself and we held our positions to the flag. I think Adrian made up a couple of places to finish third but Ryan’s win prevented him from taking a clean sweep for the day!
PKA-Pembrey2.jpg (268.71 KiB) Viewed 1050 times
As is customary in the English series we only race on the Saturday of the last round so this concluded the racing for the day and for the series. We packed up and headed back to the campsite for a well earned BBQ, party and prize giving. I sorted the scores on the computer for the weekend and the series and it was then when we realised just how close it had been for the top spots.
For the weekend I was tied on points with Ryan for 2nd place, but on count back and due to his win in the last race I was given 3rd. Adrian finished in 1st, James in 6th (which was a very good result having spent several day of the week in hospital ) and Alison in 11th.
The final standing for the series saw Adrian take the win again for the 4th year running, Ryan in 2nd and James just taking 3rd from me by 1 point, myself therefore in 4th and Alison in 14th and top lady. It was another very good year for the Peter Lynn team riders and the Vapor taking the four top spots, thanks again Peter Lynn!!
PKA-Pembrey9.jpg (252.49 KiB) Viewed 1050 times
The results for the weekend and series can be found of the parakart association website
PKA-Pembrey11.jpg (271.09 KiB) Viewed 1050 times
After the evening’s party and the later tides on the Sunday it was a later start to the day. We decided to do some fun racing in pairs. The pairs were chosen from the series rankings with the highest finishing person being paired with the lowest finishing rider. Each race was a four lap race, with one partner completing the first two laps then a quick (or not so quick) changeover of rider and kites for the next two laps. For the first two races, the same kite was used by both pilots so a careful choice had to be made, but for the next two races each pilot had their choice of kites. It proved for some very interesting racing with some hot competition with pilots in the middle of the fleet. The final results were a win for Neil and Kev.
Thanks to Lauren for the Photos.

4th Race Spain Zalduendo

The last weekend, July the 19th and 20th, was held in Zalduendo (Burgos) the 4th and final round of the Spanish Kite Buggy League. Ignacio Gual reports:
The forecast for Saturday was wind from SW direction, and chance of rain in the afternoon. For Sunday the forecast was wind from SW direction but with light winds.

Saturday began with sky covered by clouds and very gusty wind, ranging between 12 and 25 knots, and fluctuating the component from S to SSW.
These were not ideal conditions, but without doubt, they were conditions that would increase the excitement and equality in the League until the last minute.

On Saturday we played two official races, and a other one for fun with children and pilots who are beginning to participate in competitions.
On Sunday we played three official races, and also one more race for fun with children and new riders.
After 5 official races during the weekend, I managed a first position, a second place, two third places and a fifth. I used Peter Lynn Vapor from 2.7m to 6.5m, with a great performance and great sensations, despite the gusty wind.

About to the general classification of the 2013/2014 season, after 24 races, I have achieved the first position in the League. The competition has been very even and exciting until the last minute of the last race. All pilots are agreed it was a spectacular season.
IMGP2950.jpg (137.77 KiB) Viewed 1050 times
IMGP3233.jpg (175.74 KiB) Viewed 1050 times
Thanks to:
- Peter Lynn for their support and confidence in this my first season on the team.
- The Spanish Kite Buggy Association (AEKB) for organizing the 6th Edition of the Spanish Kite Buggy League.
- Victor Vigo for the pictures.

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