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Kite-o-rado Snowkite Conditions

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Re: Kite-o-rado Snowkite Conditions

Postby Zackbones » Wed Nov 14, 2018 1:23 am

Thanks for the interest in the FTs.

We went up there on Saturday and it was perfect SW wind frickin' snow. The Bison lake Snotel site claimed a 17inch base and it looked promising from the valley and even driving up. But it's just dirt up there. We drove all the way up to Crane Lake. The recon did solidify our feelings that it is amazing kiting up there. It's just made for it. Just need snow. We access the area from the Dotsero exit heading N from I-70. Then left (west) on Coffee Pot rd. Quickly turns to dirt. This accesses the East FTs. It's really popular for sleds. The local club grooms the road all the way to Crane Lake I've been told.

I think the area JamesB is referring to S of Aspen is Taylor Pass. He is right it is another incredible zone. Sled access or a hefty 5 mile skin in. I've had mixed luck there on wind and snow. It's really high I think 12,500ft or more. So It's hard to hit the snow conditions right. But when it's good it's really good up there. Feels remote and very alpine because it is just that. Staying at the hut would be really fun. Otherwise its a tough zone to hit for visitors because of the absurd hotel pricing in Aspen. You could camp in the parking lot and not get hassled. Would be chilly though.

As far as the Western Slope I think Grand Mesa is the best thing going for now. The wind there is pretty reliable and Anthony is an incredible guide to the area. Just go where he tells you and it's usually a good time. They seem to always get snow even when the rest of the state is bony. I'll be heading out there this week if wind and work line up. Save some snow for me Anthony!

Happy Hunting, Z

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Re: Kite-o-rado Snowkite Conditions

Postby matthepp » Mon Dec 10, 2018 4:24 pm

The San Juans are open for business. Lizard Head, Macmillan, and Crystal Res all have good coverage. A few rocks here and there to look out for.
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Re: Kite-o-rado Snowkite Conditions

Postby ap888 » Wed Dec 12, 2018 4:12 am

Can’t wait to have clear skies like that everywhere soon gonna be Beatiful :remybussi:

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