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New to snow kiting - suggestions please

forum for snow- and landkiters

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New to snow kiting - suggestions please

Postby Waves&powder » Mon Jul 27, 2015 2:08 am

Hi All,

I'm so pumped about kiting! I've been snow boarding 26 years and surfing 23. I am intermediate/advanced rider in both and have been hiking the BC for about 10 years. I am riding surf up to 8-10 ft faces with intermediate ability on a kite I'd love to know any input on gear to use for snow, best places to go to learn and any other tips to get started and improve quickly. Im interested in eventually getting to the point of riding up and down BC terrain. Here is the gear I have:
Da Kine seat harness
Naish 10.5m and 13.5m Cult & 16" bar (depower is below bar which is not ideal)
BWS Noise 10m & 12m & 20" bar
old school Peter Lynn 19m Venom foil kite
Naish 8m ride 2 strut

I live in Los Angeles and was hoping to kite in Mammoth this past winter but there was no snow at the low elevations to get the basics down.

I know its kind of a crazy idea but I'm thinking about a trip down to the Andes this summer to snow kite as I hear there are good set ups to learn to kite. anyone been and have any input on this?


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