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Peter Lynn Road trip to Vierli Norway

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Peter Lynn Road trip to Vierli Norway

Postby Toby » Thu Oct 22, 2015 8:10 pm

Peter Lynn News:

Road trip to Vierli Norway

It must have been around October, the moment the outside temperature drops just a little but enough to realize summer is really over. There are two options; plan a trip to the tropic or a trip to the snowy slopes. Plans have to be made before the conditions at my homespot get worse so we have something to look out to. Surviving the Dutch rainy winter is a lot easier when you know that a nice trip is waiting ahead.
Norway always had something magical for me, the vast land of unlimited rideable slopes and lakes. So I set my mind to Norway. I must have seen about all the videos about kiting in Norway. Nights I have spend studying the region. Only I found out I already spend all my free time of the year on kiting trips in the sun. SHIT, I had to wait for the new year to get some time of the company. I called my kite buddies to see who was in for a new snow adventure and within the hour the vacant spots in the car where reserved for a snowkite weekend in Norway.

Since it was already the end of March, we opted for the Hardangervidda, a wonderful national park in Norway. A perfect snowkite destination because of its plateaus, wind and its guaranteed pack of snow. The wide open space, the friendly people and its rolling countryside making it a excellent place for snowkiting.
After a day of driving we arrived in the picturesque village of Rauland. We arrived during the night so we had no idea what the place would look like with daylight. Waking up the next morning we found out that our accommodation, Camp Vierli, was located close to a big frozen lake and next to a hill packed with deer’s and trees.

To reach the kite spot, snow scooters where arranged by Vierli Ski Center, which delivered us on the spot in the morning and picked up again in the evening.
The first day we had clear blue skies and a light breeze which dropped just before lunch. We had to hike back to the centre and decided to save our soup for later. After the lunch the wind picked up and we kited along the big frozen lakes just in the north of the Vierli Ski center. We had to launch smaller kites and decided to return to base since some serious weather was predicted.

Road trip to Vierli Norway Leopard 2016 from Peter Lynn Kitesports on Vimeo.

We where lucky enough to bring big sizes because the next day we needed them. Wind forecast predicated a light breeze in the morning that should pick up just after lunch. Our local guide Steinar Lundgren was sure it would pick up around 12;00. We never noticed the light breeze so the waiting game started. We decided to take a hike up the hill and eat some soup, just to be ready before the wind would pick up.
Like clockwork, 12:01, Rein shouted: “THERE IS WIND WUUHUUHUU!” there was just enough of a breeze to have a go with the 13,5m Leopard and the 11m Lynx. Two of our friends who are great German kite talents Max Lux and Joey Oldenburger, showed their skills with a board with the all new Peter Lynn Leopard kites. They threw in their most radical moves, leaving groups of crosscountry skiers to watch the spectacular show. The tricks , the area, the beautiful sight and the sun, we could not resist to capture our trip, taking turns in making photos and videos resulting in some nice footage and a nice reminder to this trip.
The incredible feeling of ploughing through fresh snow, making your own lines, going uphill, board down or soar from peak to valley… I was amazed by the endless space. Basically Norway is one incredible big snowkite spot but still the sport remains quite unknown by the masses. I was smart enough to save some free time for another trip to frozen north.

Find out more about the new Peter Lynn Leopard HERE

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