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Inexpensive Snowkite Suggestions

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Re: Inexpensive Snowkite Suggestions

Postby Hardwater Kiter » Fri Dec 23, 2016 5:13 am

KiterDon wrote:Hello Snowkiters.

With winter just around the corner I am looking to expand my snowkite quiver. Currently I own 7 and 12 meter Pansch Blaze 2 kites and a 7.5 HQ Apex. All these kites perform adequately but my partner is now also riding so we need some more kites so that we can both ride together. I am also looking for higher performance kites that may jump better than my present quiver. In addition I am looking for a high-wind kite that will work when the 7 meter kites are overpowered.

I can't justify sinking a lot of money into snowkites at this point in time so want to stick to kites at the lower end of the price range. Pansch is obviously cheap especially with their pre-Christmas half-price sale. Does anyone have recommendations in their product line that might fit my needs? I do NOT own a 5-line bar.

Are there any other alternative brands and models which you might recommend?

Thanks for your thoughts!

For a high wind kite sub 7m try to track down some variant of Ozone Access. Ideally, 2014 and up but earlier models were quite good. They can be found relatively inexpensive though more thank the cost of a new pansch they will be more durable and hold Their value if you decide to upgrade. Used HQ Apex is also an option but anything after the third version, not so good. As so don't pointed out they have tuning knots. This allows you to set performance to tastes or conditions. Avoid small Ozone Frenzy kites like the O5 series unless you want really aggresive and sporty in high winds.

Most of these kites will likely be sold with the used bar.

If looking at Hq Montanas, up to the 4th version were pretty good IMO. 5-7th not fun in anything but dead steady wind. 8th was okay and avoid step forward. 9th even more so but still not ideal when the winds get funky. If given a choice in punchy wind between the current Montana vs. Frenzy, the Frenzy is more stable and better in less than perfect winds. In my local riding we find the Montana is fun but needs constant attention in Gusty and more importantly shifting wind conditions.

Used Frenzy is an option. 04-05 were great, primitive by today's standards but still great 06 was similar but more refined. After that up to the FXy they were not great. The FXY I did not like. But many people do. 2014 the Frenzy was redesigned and is really a joy to ride.

There may be a random\rare Ozone manta out there. Nice kite, replaced by the summit series.
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Re: Inexpensive Snowkite Suggestions

Postby Skywalker7 » Fri Dec 23, 2016 12:08 pm

Might want to check this:

Pretty decent kites, good quality, many people rides them in Hungary.

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