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Nasa wings for snowkiting?

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Nasa wings for snowkiting?

Postby Guest » Sun Feb 09, 2003 1:23 am

I'm currently using a 14 sqm inflatable for snowkiting on frozen lakes. I´ve had no problems with the bladders in cold, but it seems like the leading edge gets weared, especially when the ice is rough. As I don´t wont to wear out my kite I'm thinking about getting a budget foil instead. I´ve search some and found a kite called HQ Nasa wing. You can get a 7 sqm kite for about 130 EUR ($145). It looks like shit, but do anyone know if it's possible to use it anyway? Seven sqm must generate enough power, or?

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Postby Pablo » Sun Feb 09, 2003 4:23 pm

if that´s an npw5, i learnt kitesurfing in one of those.
I really love this kites, but its performance sucks
the wind window is about 90 or 100 deg, and it moves really slowly trough the wind window
and it takes a few sesion to get used to it
I think something similar to a 14 inflatable would be a 10 or 12 sqm npw5
there are plans and programs for this kite all over the net
anyway, there´s an improved version that has a wider wind window a pulls harder. it´s called npw9.
heres a link that has a calculator to build this kite

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