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crazy kite race on ice

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Postby Toby » Thu Apr 25, 2002 10:06 pm

"IMADNRA - 100 kilometer extreme races on kites on ice of lake IMANDRA"


The competitions will be carried out April 20, 2002 on ice about. IMANDRA, Monchegorsk, Murmansk area, "Yachts -
clubs". The tax and registration of the participants will be carried out(spent) on April 20
from 08-00 till 08-30 ofhours in "yachts - clubs".

Competition open, personal.

To participation in competitions the shells sliding on snow and ice of any design (baggi, ski, snowboard, another)
and kites of any size, design, material of manufacturing are supposed. To take part in competition are invited all
wishing. The races are held at any condition of snow and ice. The extreme weather conditions (except for absence of
a wind) can not cause a cancellation or termination(discontinuance) of races.

Disciplines and distances
1. Race on a distance ~ of 100 kilometers on speed. In two stages. Monchegorsk - bridge ACOSTROVSKIY (Apatity). The
bridge ACOSTROVSKIY - Monchegorsk. The result is summarized.
It will be necessary to draw on it(her) points of start and finish with a possible(probable) line / ìè of movement.

Prize-winning fund
1. The race on 100 kilometers is awarded with a memorable prize and
By prize-winning fund 100 % of starting payments in absolute offset;


Organizers and the judges do not bear responsibility for possible(probable) traumas and Damages of the equipment of
the participants connected with participation in competitions. The application of a protective helmet and protective is desirable.

Registration and conditions

For participation in competitions it is necessary:
1. To make inquiry about participation in competitions to the instruction(indication) of concrete disciplines on
2. To fill and to return to the coordinator the questionnaire of the participant;
3. To pay a starting payment at Registration in Monchegorsk;
4. The charges on sending, feed(meal), residing and payment of a starting payment are born(carried) by(with)
participants, or sending organizations.

The racing instruction

1. Start of race single, with fixing on time, having dug between the participants 5 minutes;
2. Start and finish is the crossing by the pilot Starting / finishing line (starting / finishing line - barrel on
of 50 meters);
3. Movement on a line 100 kilometer races will be To accompany with a motor-sledge with trailers. At
occurrence of insuperable difficulties for continuation of race, it is necessary âîñïëàìåíèòü an alarm torch. The
ignition of an alarm torch is defined(determined) as disqualification in the given discipline.
4. Categorically it is forbidden to use artificial Draft (motor-sledge, automobiles, another) at races on all
5. Rest after the first site 100 kilometer races, not More than 1 hour.
6. The change on any of stages 100 kilometer races is possible(probable) kite, under condition of his(its)
transportation is direct by the pilot.
7. The change of a shell for sliding on any of is forbidden Stages 100 kilometer races.
8. The movement of the pilots on foot is possible.
9. All participants of races submit to the judge of competitions.
10. The questions at issue are decided(solved) by(with) the judge of competitions.

The program

April 20 (Saturday) 2002:
08-00 - Arrival of the participants, registration, payment of starting payments on all disciplines, distribution of
numbers, cards, alarm torches;
8-30 - Parade of the participants, trial çàåçä, acquaintance with a line 100 kilometer races;
09-00 - Starts of the participants on the first piece (Monchegorsk-bridge ACOSTROVSKIY);
15-00 - Finish of the participants on the first piece (bridge ACOSTROVSKIY);
15-00 - Starts of the participants on the second piece (bridge ACOSTROVSKIY-Monchegorsk);
21-11 - Finish of the participants on the second piece (MONCHEGORSK);
April 21 2002:
11-00 - Definition of the winner;
12-00 Ceremony of rewarding, Press conference;

Information support .
The useful information
To reach to the start:
1. By plane up to Murmansks, then or taxi up to Monchegorsk (~ 700 roubles), or marchrut-bus (go everyone 15-20
minutes - 20 roubles;) up to road service station in Murmansk, and there bus up to Monchegorsk (57roubles); distance 150êì.
2. Train up to Olenegorsk, then taxi (~ 200 roubles), or bus (19 roubles); distance of 30 kms.
3. Automobile up to Monchegorsk (from Sankt-Petersburg - 1300êì, from Moscow 2500êì);To live in hotel "North".
There is in restaurants "North", "Lapland", "Anniversary", cafe "Metallurg", "Teremok".
To have fun in Night club "Cyclone".
To move on city: to buses, routing taxi, taxi (rate -25 roubles), on foot - city very compact.
I recommend to visit in a museum of a stone and to have a drink of beer "Imandra".

Second decade of April (daily average parameters):
Year Temperature (degrees Ñ) Force of a wind (Meters per one second)
1997 -6,5 5,1
1998 -7,0 4,6
1999 -1,0 6,0
2000 + 2,0 5,4
2001 -1 9,0
Our coordinates

The telephone in Monchegorsk: +7 (815-36) 7-98-02 from 08-00 till 19-00 of hours on Moscow.
Mail: 184507, Russia, Murmansk area, Monchegorsk-7, «Project Imandra", Valentin A.Smirnov
To write in English
To speak in Russian :wink:

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