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hayling ban

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hayling ban

Postby doc » Wed May 28, 2003 11:09 am

i was sad to read the possibility of a ban at hayling ,but not surprised.
i've been down a number of times and found it one of the best places to kite on the south coast,with one exception,the other kiters.
on the beach everyone seems friendly enough with all the normal banter(how big is yours etc...)but on the water is where the fun begins.
i headed out on port tack to be confronted by "sparky"himself heading towards me like a bat out of hell,was'nt sure of the score down there so gave way,to my surprise i was the intended target,he launched 20 feet up wind of me and cleared my flying lines by about 10 feet,mmm.
i'm not down there every day ,but i know there is alot of learners,combine this with some of the above behaviour and the mind boggles.
it seems that safety leashes would have averted the attention of the council along with a bit of respect to other beach users.
now that this situation has come to a head its good to see people taking a responsible approach (i've e-mailed my objection)and i wish u all ther best of luck down there to come to some sort of arrangement.
have any of u guys thought of running for election,i don't joke,u are up against a golf club!i don't want to depress u but thats as good as the local mafia!u need to all the contacts you've got.
sparky for president!

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