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Tweaking foils 4 more power + speed in less wind

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Mr Jo Macdonald
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Tweaking foils 4 more power + speed in less wind

Postby Mr Jo Macdonald » Wed Jun 04, 2003 1:15 pm

Hi guys recently they're have been a few posts on tweaking psychos, Titans, i haven't tried the Titan but have tweaked both the mastair and psycho and made them both much faster and more powerfull for less wind, I think these kites come trimed a bit depowered (maybe for safety reasons) so you can soup 'em up a bit, which is also half the fun of foils imo.
This is what I did to the psycho 9.5

If the Depower knoden of the WAC V lines is in a different position that what is recommended on the flysurfer site I'd change it to their recommended setting, for example, 56cm is perfect for the psycho.

Then when you've flown the kite a bit to get the feel of her you can try changing the trim a bit at the bar, doing your testing in light wind of course, less than 10 knots is fine.
Basically you adust the brake and middle/depower leaders shortening the brakes until your kite becomes a flying pig with a tendency to stall, fold tips, not fly out of trouble, you'll drop her loads more than usual so you'll know when she's gone piggy. Try moving the knots 5cm at a time. After you've moved the knots pull the trim down and launch the kite, then adjsut the trim to find the flying pig trim.
Like this she is overbraked and in light wind if you try to fly her staight up she'll just stall down, don't try flying her in strong wind like this, it won't be fun.
Now pull down the trim a bit until she gets fast, powerfull and flies out of trouble all the time, this is the fastest/max power trim, measure the difference between the knots on the middle and brake leaders and move the knots on the leaders unless they're already perfect, so your kite will be trimmed like this with the trim all out (longest), this way you can always trim down the kite in stronger wind which will depower her and make her slower.

On some kites you might have to shorten the middle leader to find this perfect trim, but the principle is the same.

What you want is for the kite to be trim when the bar is at the gust absorber so when you pull down on the bar to turn the kite, that side of the kite brakes and the other side depowers, I reackon this is what makes it turn fastest, in fact if you pull down more on the bar (powering up), the kite will turn slower because you're braking both sides, while if you pull down on the trim it will turn slower because both sides of the kite will be depowered.

You can have one knot for less wind and one for more wind, either on the middle leader or both brake leaders, doesn't make any difference, except you move the lines in opposite directions obviously and on the middle leader you only move one line.

Remember to note the setting before tweaking so you can always go back to the originals if you don't like the changes and also remember that if you shorten the brake lines to find this perfect max power trim then you will oversheet the kite a lot more when you power her up so watch it the first few times you use her because she will probably be a lot more powerfull and faster than before, also you may not be able to keep the bar fully powered during the entire jump as the kite won't be trim but overbraked so depower a little after liftoff or the top of the jump at latest.
Also when flying the kite don't hang onto the bar because you'll be braking the kite like this, power up to jump, if you power up with the kite parked she'll fly backwards.

Have fun

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Postby Nukin » Wed Jun 04, 2003 3:57 pm

Good post. The psychos needed lots of trimming to add stability. The early 9m titan needed some tuning. But the new 12m Titan is just PERFECT right out of the bag.

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