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To Peter Frank......again

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To Peter Frank......again

Postby chris_wenger » Fri Jul 25, 2003 7:41 am

Hi Peter

I'm currently searching a lightwind kite. I have currently a 2 kite quiver

Takoon Skoop2 14.5
Takoon Wook 9.5

I weight 72-73 kg and ride an Underground WT 147x38 in lightwinds (plans really early). Yesterday I went out with the Skoop2 14.5 in winds between 4-6 M/S (8-12 knotes) with 40 m lines => was able to cruise and keep upwind for some time => had to work the kite pretty much. What I'm searching now is a kite which gets me going in 4-5 M/S (8-10 knots). I love my Skoop2 14.5 and wouldn't like to sell it. I'm optimal powered from 14-17 Knots, but can hold it until 22 knots.

Some people told me, that the RhinoII 16 pulls like a tractor. I saw one yesterday myself => impressive. But it's so different to my Takoons, that I wouldn't like to go for it.

Since the early 2003 kites are going down in price, I consider of getting on of the following kites

1. Takoon Skoop 17 or Wook 16.5 (which one starts earlier, topend is not so important since I have my 14.5)

2. Gaastra GXR 16.5 (Read your review, does it have more lowend than the Skoop 17 or Wook 16.5)

I was also thinking in changing my 14.5 Skoop2 to a 11.5 => but I think this wouldn't make sense, since the 9.5 would overlap to much with the 11.5. I think that since I'm a lightweight, it makes more sense to have more overlapping kites in bigger sizes. What do you think?

Thanks for your help


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