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AMP 13,5????

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AMP 13,5????

Postby Virus » Sun Aug 03, 2003 1:28 pm


Who of you is riding a AMP 13,5? I want to buy one, but I heard nothing about this kite, what can you say about it??



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Postby burny » Sun Aug 03, 2003 7:19 pm

:thumb: :?:
despite main bladder problems at the beginning - I love it!!!

maybe the reason was a little bit too short front bladder that didn´t fill up fully the black cover at the tips - just my suspicion. I have an early production model (serial no. 14) so hope this problem is not actual anymore.

I had several attempts of repairing holes in both tips of the front tube. New holes in the tips appeared again with the first peak of pressure. Then I elongated the original bladder on both tips with approx. 20cm of an old naish bladder. No more visible holes appeared then, but still a noticeable loss of pressure after one hour on the water. Then I filled some teaspoons of talcum powder INTO the bladder - now it is fixed!!!

I didn´t want to wait some weeks for warranty procedure so I had to solve the problem this way...

Impressions after 20+ sessions on the water:
+++ scary lift when powered up
+ good grunt at low end. Going upwind and jumping starts when the first white caps appear on the water
++ range comparable to Gaastra GXR 19.5 but you have to edge a bit more aggressively. possible to switch directly to the AMP 8.7 in higher winds.
++ turning and speed comparable to F1 Mach1 15.1 but much more stable
+++ upwind machine
++ great stability also in gusty conditions

- wing tips collapsed 2 times when I was fully loaded for jumping and pulled the bar in. back on the beach I noticed very little pressure in the front tube. After fixing the bladder problems I never mentioned this problem again.
--- veeery thin bladder material

summary: a great kite but some question marks concerning the bladders

fly safe,

77kg / F1 STYLE TT 149 / home spot gusty Lake Neusiedl

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