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Globerider 14.2

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Globerider 14.2

Postby Kiteboarddog » Mon Aug 18, 2003 8:51 pm

I had a chance to demo one Friday.
We had very low wind.
On a Big board I could barely go upwind on my ARX 23.5.
With the GK 14.2 I was able to go upwind better than the 23.5.
I had to work the hell out of it but the speed it generated by moving faster
(the 23.5 hardly moves at all) pulled me upwind quite well.
The bigger kite was able to jump better in these conditions but I can't wait to try the Globerider in powered conditions.
I also am eager to try the 17.4 to see how it compares to bigger kites in light wind.
If we can get power and speed from the same kite it would be increadable.
Anyone have experience with the low end of the 17.4 compared to other bigger kites?

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Postby GK » Tue Aug 19, 2003 2:43 am

Hello Joel,
I usually fly my GK 17.3 when every one else is on 20's. In less than 12 mph I have to work it quite a bit or ride a bigger board, but in those conditions I see my friends working their big kites also. The fact that it has such great acceleration makes it possible to generate power in very little wind. And it turns easy so its not a major chore to cycle it. Maybe that's why Globerider didn't make a larger kite in the GK range. You really don't need it. The most amazing thing about the 17.3 is that you can control it comfortably in 20+. I was riding my 14.2 yesterday in close to 30 mph. It was a handful, but what a blast!!! You're going to love that 14.2 in good wind. :thumb:

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Postby PH » Tue Aug 19, 2003 4:08 am

Yep, the GRK's rule the air.
The 17.4 is a real fast and powerfull kite.
You might want to try it with a pulley bar. It makes the kite turn on a dime and you can use a shorter bar.
I am on a pully bar with the 11.5 and the 17.4

you will have a blast with these kites in a lot of wind.
I use my 11 in winds up to 35mph.
the 17 yu can hold it down in winds up to 20+ but then it get's a bit nutty.

Have fun kiting

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