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Postby Kitedude » Sun Aug 24, 2003 11:54 pm

Ok this is from another thread but i've been asked to post it in its own topic, it s how to change the safty leash from your rear line to one of the front lines.

OK here we go:

Just lark's-head BOTH rear leaders directly to the bar ends (like one is already), tie 3 knots in the end of the shorter one, 3 more at equal distances up the longer one,

attach one front line directly to the D-ring at the top of the stock adjuster strap, feed the other front line through that ring & also through the little loop in the end of the leash before lark's heading it to a 1" O-ring ( #22-3525). Image

Now just tie a brass clip (murrays #27-136800) to the bottom of the leash, & clip it to your harness (end or middle of the hook, or a strap or D-ring on one side).
you can see the clip in this picture

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