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Ticket to RedBull Hawai form the Nordic - the story..

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Ticket to RedBull Hawai form the Nordic - the story..

Postby Guest » Wed Sep 03, 2003 8:51 am

This is what happened in Megaevents in Sweden 2003 -

We arrived Friday morning in Skanör for registration. 4 Dane’s ready to sail our chance to win the 1st price, a ticket to King Of The Air on Maui. We were welcomed by the friendly Swedish organizers, paid our fee, got the Red bull and shirt. Due to the wind direction NE the event place was changed to Ljunghusen, and a skippers-meeting was announced for 12 o’clock on spot.
We arrived a bit before, in time to rig our kite’s. The condition looked good, cros on-shore 14 –18 knots. The weather-report promised anything between 10 and 30 knots, so everything from 10 to 18.9 m2 was rigged.

Around 12 the announced skippers-meeting was held. The ladder would be a double elimination. Riders placed by lot, 4 man heats, 10 min duration with the 2 best advancing.
Some of the the Swedes looked really good, nice board of tricks and styled riding.
We were around 24 sailors in the men and 2 women, so first round was 8 heats. The elimination ladder was made on a whiteboard, only in lines, no scheme. Later it accured that the ladder was not a double elimination. Conflicted with this some panic started among the organizers, the ladder was changed in the middle of the elimination, not the right way to do? Not a good thing to change the ladder during a competition. This could be misunderstood as foul play?
First up for the Danes was Mads Bloch, his power-full style secured his advance. Morten Lander and Thomas Alsbirk were up next. A shower made the wind drop, the heat was restarted a couple of times, but no luck. The rain wouldn’t stop and everything and everybody was socking wet. The competition was off for the day after waiting some hours on the beach, we decided to drive home since sleeping in the car wet and with complete wet kite range didn’t seem tempting. No party for us Friday then.

Saturday, Skippers-meeting 9 o’clock Skanör. The winddirection was West, so onshore, but not more than 2-3 knots. The competition was postpone for later, the weather report promised wind later. So everything was rigged again, at least the dry weather would alove the gear to dry.
The wind picked up as promised, and Morten and Thomas heat started, just without Thomas as he catched a cold from the bad weather and the waiting on the beach in his wetsuit the previous day.
Morten advanced un his 17 black Tip with his varied fluid style, the wind was blowing 11-16 knots. Next was my heat. Dilemma: what gear to use? Went for my 17 Skoop2 and a big mutant, since I have no small one at the moment, and I’m not that comfy on a TT. The kite was way to big , for the conditions and the big board. I almost managed to knock out the whole beach in a transition with ½ a kite loop going wrong. The commentator got nose bleed from the rumble with my kite. I was so embarrassed and thought I was out, but not, puhh. I apologized for my mistake. After heat 8 they ran the women elimination. With 2 girls only one heat to be sailed. The winner going directly to the final…..The Gaastra girl won, Anna.
Mads was up next and advanced again. My next heat was against Morten and one of the Swedish aces.
Out I went but this time with 14.5 and the mutant. That worked better, but it was not enough Morten and the swede advanced.

So thought it was time to relax, but no. They mixed the looser round inside the winner side, so heat 13-16 was looser round, and now only 1 sailor advancing? What the heck was going on? Out with my 17 again on my TT instead, after my girlfriend adviced me: Take the TT, You look crab on that big mutant. So TT it was, so nailed the first looser round and was ready for the looser’s final. Now it was time for the winners side again. Mads was in the first semi final, the wind had dropped a little, so he had trouble getting out in onshore conditions. Getting whacked twice by one of the opponents kite’s didn’t raise his odds. Exit Mads, and now it wasn’t a double elimination any more????? Didn’t they have a clue to what a double elimination is, or what?
Morten was in the next semi and sailed brilliant, no worries he looked in great shape. Heat 19 was the looser’s final and I was up, the wind had picked up, so 14.5 and TT. Big air is my style, so the stronger wind suited me fine, gave it all. Coming back to the beach, the beach marshal informed me that I got it, so next heat the final. 4 sailors form the winners side, one girl and I, The Looser’s rounds winner.
If 4 was a crowd on the water then 6 sailors was definitely, the tactic was to get clear of everybody else so you had space for jumping. Morten was in form and showed everybody he was the man. Morten was on fire, nailing any trick from the book. So Morten won the final. I sailed ok made some pretty high board off, no handed dead spins… The judges was in doubt who was nr 2 and 3. Was it me or The Swede Christian Dietrich? So they decided to make a super-final, with Morten, Dietrich and me?
What did Morten, who won, have to do with this doubt about 3rd and 2nd place , if it was Dietrick or me getting second og third the heat only should be against the two of us? Maybe they wanted more action for the public or to make more suspense? Bad judgement I say. Morten already won his ticket to Maui, but now he had to sail again? How many times do you have to win to win?
This time I flopped. But now they were in doubt if it was Morten or Dietrich that won. So a new final, without me anyway???? Morten lost this one as he had to small a kite for the current wind, and the heat only was 5 minutes now against the 10minutes earlier, not allowing him to swap kite within the heat. And so the Swede, Dietricht won the third final, so now apparently there were no more doubt in the judges mind. I’m happy I wasn’t in it had I won, I would know that it was Morten’s ticket I just took as the result of the poor organization or bad intentions of the organizors.
It was wrong of the organizers to make Morten sail in the heat for 2-3 place. If they were in doubt of nr 2 and 3, Dietrich and I should had re-sailed. Morten did win the first final, equal in the second, lost the third, lost the ticket. So it seemed like the Swede only had to win once over the Dane?? Getting some of us very suspecious coming from Denmark to an event I Sweden, thinking that we should kite on equal terms…unfortunately we were wrong it seemed.

This story is from my point of view. The organizers may justify it in another way – I’d like to hear that actually because it does not make any sense. The main foul conducted here: You don’t change an elimination or a format after the flag goes up, never. And you do not make a sailor who won the first time sail the final again and again until he looses. It stinks and it seems like the Judges/organizers are not satisfied with the winner (being danish??), incompetent, cheating and changes to the set to get the winner they want.
But hey I got third, why am I a critic? I just hate it when people don’t know their shit.


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