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Spinning leash system recon/liquid force/best

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Spinning leash system recon/liquid force/best

Postby Guest » Fri Apr 09, 2004 8:37 pm

I am getting a couple of new kites soon. But can't seem to make a decision on a brand that provides a bar with a spinning leash system.
I currently ride a cabrinha recon which I love due to the safety system and ease of spinabilty of the bar. I am most likely going to pick up either a couple of best's or liquid force kites. best is obviousy priced the"best" but does not have a spinning leash system at the moment. Liquid force is a bit more but does come with a powerlock system, but how is the leash?
Cabrinha is out of my price range right now, unfortunately becuase this is my favorite brand.

Anyone know of a cheap spinning leash system with powerlock capabilites? Or know how to build a system from scratch?
I do not care about recon as this applies only to cabrinha but I do need a spining leash and would like to be able to lock(powerlock) my bar as well.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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Postby Rossall » Fri Apr 09, 2004 8:41 pm

Best swivel carbon bar will be available in about two weeks I hear

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Postby Kitedude » Fri Apr 09, 2004 9:30 pm

tim where are you based,

any bar can easily be converted to a pinning bar, i'd worry more about the kite than the bar, you can also just buy a kite only and pick up a good bar afterwards.


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Postby Kurt » Fri Apr 09, 2004 9:36 pm

Do you want to do unhooked stuff aswell?
I have just got a quiver of liquid force kites and modified
the bar set up to have powerlock and spinning leash but not for unhooked. It uses a shackle system.
I do have an idea for unhooked- just been a bit slack in making it up.
With this system you would also have a suicide leash for unhooking safely
which should be used on the cabrihna setup aswell IMO.

The local retailer here can just about match the best 3 for 2 deal - where are you based.
Send me a pm if you want more info.


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Postby Toby » Fri Apr 09, 2004 9:38 pm

a German kitesite will post a report with detailed pictures about the X-Shooter "Masterpiece" bar.
I will translate it and post it in here.
It is still a prototype, and I will get pictures of the original production bar when it is available (about 2 weeks).

That should be the bar for your needs, I assume.

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Postby Skooner Jr. » Fri Apr 09, 2004 9:44 pm

Whats a suicide leash? I put my spreader bar leash to the back of my harness like it looks some other people are doing. I noticed though if they wipe out it doesn't seem to kill the kite (my setup will). I really can't spin my bar or else the leash wraps :o

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Postby Timah » Fri Apr 09, 2004 9:58 pm

Sorry I forgot to logon before. I like all of the suggestions. I suppose converting an existing bar to a spinning setup would be easiest. How is the simpliest way to go about this? Being able to have a unhooked leash system would be nice too.

Kitedude I am in miami, Fl


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Postby smurfo » Sat Apr 10, 2004 1:14 am


I have just gotten my quiver from Liquidforce
So far I have a 8,12,15 but I will be getting four kites not sure if I should go for the 10 or the 19? Also how have you set up your bar tuning wise it appears that as they come the front lines should be shortened a few inches?


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Postby sinbad » Sat Apr 10, 2004 6:51 am

On the LF 10,12,15 shorten the front lines about 3 to 4 inches and there sweet.

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Postby Kolahi » Sat Apr 10, 2004 7:22 am

I still dont understand, why do people want a spinning leash system, i mean, do you guys only do spins in one direction?

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