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Wipika Airblast 11.8 (16 flat) 2001 v.2 and rigging.

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Wipika Airblast 11.8 (16 flat) 2001 v.2 and rigging.

Postby sof » Thu Sep 04, 2003 8:42 am

Hi all!

I've recently bought a used Wipika Airblast 11.8 (16 flat), and I have a couple of questions that I hope you guys can answer...

First of all, its's rigged without bridles. (I'm semi-experienced) and it seems good. The problems is that when I try to hit max power on the bar, it seems to "fly back"/"fall down". Could it be too "power-rigged"??
What my concerns are; How is the lines supposed to be rigged. Should the lines be equal length when in max power (chicken-loop right at the bar) or should they be equal when on max-depower? Currently it's rigged with equal length at max power. I've tried to add more length at back-lines, hooking up new attachement possibilities on the kite itself (only on back-lines). I know this isn't easy to answer when not watching how it flies, but anyway, I hope to get some answers/advices.

Secondly; Can I rig it with mye X3 bar and use it, or won't it work because of the much shorter depower system from Naish?

I am planning to test it in real-life,but as you all know, the enourmous powers of the kite is scary, and if it is totally wrong rigged it _might_ have serious consequences...

So, any hint is helpful. Thank you and enjoy kiting, cause I do!!


ps. This is posted in the other forum aswell, didn't realize there was a Support forum...Sorry for that!

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Postby WipikaSupport » Mon May 24, 2004 10:00 am


In general the 11.8 AirBlast should be set up with equal line lengths with the power set in the middle. Here are a few tuning suggestions when the kites is in the sky.

With kite flying in neutral, CL hooked in, bar at top stopper, look at flying lines for:

1. Tight front (center) lines. Full load on front lines.
2. Back (outside) lines become tight when bar is pulled to half depower range.

Please let us know if you have any further questions. I hope this helps.

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