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Velcro pins, loops and other flappy bits of safety

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Velcro pins, loops and other flappy bits of safety

Postby dazza5172 » Mon Jul 26, 2004 6:21 am

It seems that even after months of talk, the old velcro pins and loops are still being used as safety systems. there was a great discussion back on how some of these may not work and I have some other points about them all:

index.php?page= ... tton=forum

Windshreder has definitely raised a valid issue here. I have had my own experience and it has only reinforced my concern with little velcro pin systems (or similar strap velcro releases). there are 3 problems with them now that this forum has bought out:

1. May not release under heavy load (as per this forum)
2. May not release under no load (equally important as bought out by other contribution in this forum)

3. (My point) If you have to get your finger into some loop sitting somewhere on your system when you are in trouble then you are in trouble! it is all nice and fine with your missus holding the end whilst you are sitting in the lounge chair, and pop yes it works, you should try it under extreme panic and without time to find this little bit of inert flapping loop!

Let me explain myself:
I have always been safety proactive and know how my safty works. The thing is in the first split second your instinct is to correct the kite by using the bar. You will most likely try to correct it with your bar like you are on the water, why? because you do it all the time on the water, you have trained your body - muscle / nerve memory to react as you do on the water, You nervous system will go - CORRECT THE KITE! but once you realise you are in trouble you get the split second of OOHHH UM IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING? From my experience this will happen in the severe situations, not the mild ones, when you need reaction the most.
Then as pointed out by another forum member you may be dragged, possibily through sand, water, or in my case a salt bush, which was soft wood and branches broke easilly thank goodness, and has a pattern of me going through it. (much like a cartoon character cut out!) then my brain goes "OH YEAH, SAFETY RELEASE!!!!!" in a spit second I (can't recall actually doing this) blew my safety whilst going through the salt bush.

FORTUNE: I have a standard North Safety. If you are not familiar with it they have a large rubber cup that sits over a metal latch. It means if you know where your harness is you can find this substantial system easily and belt the shit out of it without needing to grip or pull anything.

So after the split seconds of lost time when you do go for the safety you want it to go once only! there are no second grabs!

I do not know how I would have released any dicky bit of strap flapping around under those conditions.

I also do not know how I would have released a loop from the hook (one that just sits in the hook and falls out). Infact I would say that this was not possible.

this situation could have occured from any sudden gust or human lapse of concentration. especially when a kite retireiver lost concentration. In my case I learnt never to kite alone and always have someone to land the kite with.

I just bought a Naish Boxer, great kite, but I also bough a north chicken loop and safety as I think they are one of the best and put it straight onto the Boxer.

I've rabbited on enough

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