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Toro2 vs Rhino2......the whole story

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Toro2 vs Rhino2......the whole story

Postby Dwight » Fri Mar 07, 2003 1:10 pm

The Toro2s arrive this week almost everywhere. The questions on this forum lead me to believe I have confused some of you. Let me try to explain better what I personally feel about the two. These are my opinions, not North's words.

The Rhino2 is a slightly harder pulling kite, built with less DEpower by design. It is intended to provide the best hang time in the world to help the pro rider win those board twirling contests. It does have a slight advantage over the Toro2 in hang time. Although, the Toro2 hang time is better than some high performance kites from other companies in 2003. You will not suffer from lack of hang time with the Toro2. It will exceed anything built in 2002. The truth :!: This slightly harder pull from the Rhino2 does not give it more low end vs the Toro2 in my opinion. The kites are close enough so it should not be reason to chose one over the other.

The Toro2 was built with more DEpower and range by design. It makes the kite easier to use for the non-pro rider. This gives the kite a different feel jumping too. It rips you off the water harder than a Rhino2. The Rhino2 is a softer jump, going up slower, and coming down slower. The result of the more user friendly power management, is easier jumping. If you are an international caliber pro, you probably jump at your maximum potential 90% of the time. These guys seem like they go 40 feet on every jump.

Put a weekend kiter on the Rhino2 and he goes maybe 40 feet twice during the session, 30 feet 30% of the time and 20 feet 50% of the time. Now put the same rider on the easier jumping Toro2, and he goes 40 feet 4 times, 30 feet 50% of the time, and 20 feet 30% of the time. I hope this is understandable. The Toro2 is easier to get high on a more consistent basis.

The range you get from the Toro2 vs Rhino2 is directly related to your skill level. The range becomes closer between these kites, the better YOU are. This may account for the contradicting advice I give to some posters.

Upwind the kites are both excellent. The Rhino2 is higher aspect and naturally stays out front. The Toro2 is built with more range, so it stays out front easily, and goes upwind excellent also.

Water relaunching the Toro2 wins.

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Postby fakade » Wed Mar 12, 2003 3:31 pm

Thank you again! Can't wait to put my hands in my new babies! I will make a photograph and opinion posting as soon as i have them.


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