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X3 - Technical feature guide

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X3 - Technical feature guide

Postby Yael » Sat Mar 22, 2003 12:49 pm

הוא אמר שהיבואנים הישראלים גם נמצאים שם Cabarete - טובי נמצא עכשיו ב
.אבל לא נתנו את המצנח לנסיון. חבל, יכולנו לקבל ביקורת על המצנח ממנו
:הנה מה שהוא כתב
The Israeli importer of Naish was here as well with 3 new X3.
He did't give out his kites for testing, so there will no X3 test in the next issue. As we say: what goes around comes around, so it happend that one X3 has been stolen directly from the beach, laying down fully pumped up!


Postby Guest » Tue Mar 25, 2003 8:43 am

להלן תשובתו של עמית ענבר לטובי
Hi Toby my name is amit inbar from israel and i am the naish dealer regarding to what you mentchend about testing the X3 in cabaret. I am here in Cabaret for two weeks now having a great time about a week ago i was using my amazing X3 kite. When i got to the beach two guys from the kitsurfing magazin came to me asking for a fagor to photo my kites and to ride them in front of the cameras, and so I did with plesure because I love Naish and I repusent it in Israel. I am upset about your acusation and one more thing all my kites are still with me, So dont know where you got that idea that my kites got stolen. Im using a yellow naish likera so if you want to talk to me i am alwase at the beach riding my amazing X3.

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