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Bar & Lines q's

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Bar & Lines q's

Postby angelo » Mon Mar 31, 2003 12:52 pm

do the lines on the bar need to be the same length?? ie...
I have a north bar and all four lines are the same length.. now when i first got the bar about 3 months ago i am sure the two leader lines were shorter than the lines going to the back of the kite? is this correct?? have the lines stretched??? do they stretch?
Angelo :bye:

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Postby kitepimp » Mon Mar 31, 2003 1:48 pm

Most manufactures say lines do stretch, but I have never expereinced this problem - if one line did strech it would show up immediately in the way the kite preferms so you would know to adjust it.

Weather the lines should be the same length is a tough question - my firends ask this all the time. It is a bit tricky becasue you have to be very clear about how you are measuring the length.

1. Lines only dethached form bar and kite?
2. Lines attached to the bar but not to the kite?
2a. does you kite have a depower strap?
2b. how is it set? Fully extended? completely sheeted in?
2c. which knots do you have each line attached to?

and so on and so on.....

In general, the kite is most powered when all lines are equal length - where in the depower zone you set this is up to the rider.
You can use the knots on the leader lines, the knots on kite, and the depower stap as methods to manipulate line length. (there are other method but these are the basics).

Hope this helps!

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