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Postby joe f » Tue Apr 01, 2003 8:01 pm

Looking for some help / thoughts / advice / comments about something I am thinking about at the moment.

I am thinking about getting a new board and 2 new kites (3 would be great but more expensive and I seem to have done very well on the 16m + 10m Toro combination and SS drake over the last year, so want to stick to two kites). The drake is fantastic but I am tempted by the SX141 as I am getting heavier rather than lighter and I think this will offer a better low end. Another contender is the Lightwave 148 as I used to have a 169 and loved it. Any thoughts on the two would be welcome.

The real question is about the kites. I am very interested in the Guerillas for the usual reasons (don't want to start the usual debate - just like the idea of reducing kit levels) but am torn between what sizes to go for. If I am going for a lightwind board (which the 141 is?) - can I get away with a smaller kite and work it a bit harder? It seems as though the 13 and 10 are the real winners in the Guerilla range and I would rather miss out on the REALLY light wind and have a faster kite (better jumping) when it gets to about 15kts.

Is this realistic or will I need a bigger kite for light winds, weighing something over 80kg? I have always found a smaller, faster kite more fun even if you have to work it a little.

Key decision - 13 and 10 or 15 and 10 (UK based, so need something to cover the occasional blow)?

Fast kite versus grunt? Better jumping or cruising? If you have used both, is the 13 much better than the 15 and what is the downside in terms of bottom end?

Many thanks in advance for any thoughts!

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