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Martin Vari and His New Toy

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Martin Vari and His New Toy

Postby Yael » Tue Apr 08, 2003 5:48 am

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:הנה מה שכתוב על זה שם
Martin Vari's latest pre-occupation has been his new slider. It is a well engineered pre-fabricated aluminum wakeboard contraption that breaks down into three pieces and fits in his truck. A frequent sight on the inside of Moks was Jaime Herraiz and Martin landing blind on the rail. It definitely is something you would not want to run your brand new custom board over. A P-tex bottom is the call. What Martin did was to laminate countertop material onto the bottom of his board to take the abuse. It is really fun to watch the antics, especially the wipeouts, ouch! Upping the ante in freeriding, Martin, Will James and Jeff Tobias are incorporating handle passes into their latest moves. Martin does his way up there! To be safe they have developed a leashing system in case the move is not completed. Look for these moves in future contests.

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