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New Jersey Kiting

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New Jersey Kiting

Postby Protos » Fri Apr 11, 2003 6:47 pm

Hey guys,

I wanted some info on kiting restrictions for the Jersey shore down near Atlantic City. I'm planning a trip down to Margate (near Lucy the Elephant) and will be right at the beach (in-laws' condo). Are there any restrictions to launching on the shore? Is it different before/after Memorial day? Usually after Memorial day, beach access gets tougher up here, I was wondering if it was an issue down there. I'm trying to decide on either the week leading into Memorial day, or the week after. Any 4-1-1 guys?



Jersey Kiting

Postby Guest » Fri Apr 11, 2003 6:58 pm

try the guys at that lakes bay kitesurf and windsurf shop.

they should know

If you can't kite in the ocean due to restrictions you would almost certainly be able to kite in the bay, unless you ride waves and there happen to be waves you'll have more fun in the bay anyway.


Postby Guest » Fri Apr 11, 2003 7:12 pm

Thanks, I'll ring them up. I'm a flatwater guy, but it would be nice to just walk out the front door and hit the beach instead of getting in the car.

Ah well, can't go wrong either way I suppose. :wink:

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Postby Disco D » Fri Apr 11, 2003 10:05 pm

You should be able to kite in Margate in the ocean as long as they are not checking beach pass(tags), which is usally only after Memorial Day. You will want wind from the S, SW, or NE.

Another option is kiting in Brigatene. A very large point that requires 4wd to access or a long walk but plenty of wide open beach.

The bay in West Atlatic city has a very small launch and will be very crowded with other kiters if it is windy out of s, sw, w... At high tide we have a launching area perpindicular to the water approximately 15 wide x 100ft long, so its a squeeze and a little sketchy but once on the water you'll enjoy the wind!.....

Good winds,


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