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Local Associations

Postby tux » Thu May 01, 2003 7:30 pm

It is matter of Years,months or days, but Kitesurfing will be probabily banned from beaches
here in Italy and maybe in other lands, They say it could be done only in dedicated sites,
but were are those dedicated beaches tourists free?.
If individuals go to istitution asking for spots to kitesurfing they will be ignored,
If a local association representing many riders, ask it, maybe they start to considerate the thing.
This is the principal reason why we set up our association, and we are talking with istitutions and Coast Guard to work this matter out. We will have soon a new meeting with local CG
and probably they will let us know how to manage this question.
It would be nice if other associations like our share the experience in this matter
and if we create a system in wich having informations for all riders.Example,If someone from Rome or Hamburg
have a trip
to Triest or Vada he could ask the local association, were he could ride and wich are the local regulations.
So do one from Triest going to Rome.
What do you think?

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