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Is it possible to learn on x2 or x3 ???

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Is it possible to learn on x2 or x3 ???

Postby Guest » Mon May 05, 2003 8:53 am

Is it worth spending the money on the likes of an aero 2 , c02 or other lower AR kites , and then having to lose so much money when you trade in to upgrade, especially when the reviews say how stable they are and how well they perform in gusts etc . How much does the speed of the kite affect your learning curve? Do want it to be slower/ faster?

I am currntly using arx kites, in many ways I do feel these kites are to advanced, I don't have to much of a problem relaunching the kites, and am able to go upwind well. My main problem with them is that they tend to fly over my head a lot and fall out of they sky. where in the widow do the x2 or x3 sit as opposed to aero2 , where do want the kite to be?

One of my main concerns is flying in gusts, and everyone seems to agree that higher AR kites are better in gusts.

One opinion that I have had is that the aero 2 is also a high performance kite, unlike the original aero1 , and that I might as well go for the x2 or x3.

Thank you in advance



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Postby MissionMan » Mon May 05, 2003 9:37 am

You can learn on an X2 or X3, but it will slow your learning curve as the kites are not as forgiving as intermediate kites. Its also more difficult to relaunch them so you will spend more time trying to go up wind.

That said, remember, these days the CO2 and Aero 2 are no longer "beginner" kites, they are more intermediate (guys do kite loops on CO2's and Aero2's, how much better than that are you planning to get? Guys can probably pull better jumps on the CO2 and the Aero2 than most advanced kites from 2002 as well). In the past, most companies had a beginner kite and an advanced kite, hence the reason some guys bought advanced, because the beginner kites were often 2 line and very basic). Now they have 3 or even four kites in their range. A kite like the CO2 and Aero 2 will outperform your own skills for at least the first year, possibly longer depending on how often you kite so I wouldn't worry about you outgrowing the kite, and if you are kiting that often, chances are you will need to replace i through wear and tear anyway.

Get the Aero 2 or CO2, and they are monsters on turning speed and lift so you won't have to worry about anything.

On the issue of gusts, there are two sides. The medium aspects offer greater stability in lulls when its gusty so the kite is less likely to fall out of the sky. The high aspects handle the gusts better whiel you are riding due to the bigger wind range, but that said, it depends on how big the gusts are and whether they are controllable on the bar. I have tried both and find the mediums are better when you are learning as you fall more often and the kite often falls out of the sky. The easier relaunching is also a huge bonus.

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Postby Toby » Mon May 05, 2003 9:49 am

I agree with missionman.

You will be alot faster with an intermediate kite, which perform great as well.
And you can't tell a difference anyway, since the most people don't get ever to the limits of the kites. So for you the high performance kite flies like an intermediate, until you know exactly what you are doing.
But restart and control will be harder than on an intermediate!


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Postby powerkiteaddict » Mon May 05, 2003 10:16 am

Agree totally-forget the X2/3 etc. until you have considerably more kite skills than a beginners.

Today's Aero IIs/CO2s etc. are more than enough kite for beginner to intermediate and then beyond-they are SO far ahead of 2000-2001 kites- ALL of them-you're lucky to be starting now, believe me.


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Postby kootsie » Mon May 05, 2003 12:32 pm

so how advanced is advanced for going to a high aspect?

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