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Safetysystem:USE IT!!!

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Safetysystem:USE IT!!!

Postby Guest » Sat May 10, 2003 8:51 am

11 months ago I was kiteboarding with 6 BFT.Dark clouds came closer and the wind beacame stronger.I decided to stop,so went to the beach and while I was landing the kite the wind became 9 bft.I was lifted to about 8 meters high and 45 meters downwind with highspeed crashed into a roadmapsign!Eyewihtness thinks with 80 km.p.h.!
Internal bleeding of the stommage,dammaged ribs,upperlegs,2 thorned aortas in my neck and that caused a stroke.They couldn't find a pulse and heartbeat for about 10 minutes.When I woke up at the intensive care I was paralized at the rightside of my body,couldn't speak anymore and I am still revovering of that accident.Right now I can speak again.Allthough I had braindammage I can function again.
Allways use safetygear so you can let go of the kite in case of stress,I wasn't.Some eyewithnesses told me ,even I had a safetysystem I wouldn't have got the time to use it.It went too fast,so they say![
size=18][/size]Doctors still don't understand I survived so be warned and learn something from my accident:USE YOUR SAFETYSYSTEM!!!!!

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Postby hawaiikiter » Sat May 10, 2003 12:44 pm

really sorry to hear that hope you´ll be okay.

did you have the kite at 12?

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