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Your gear for 2003 ???? Pls contribute!

Find reviews of kites, boards and accessories

kenneth t
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Postby kenneth t » Thu Aug 07, 2003 12:31 am

North Rhino 16 Kv and Toro2 10 Kv
Board: Airush Switch 169, thinking to add another board, but I don`t know wich yet...

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Postby Weighty » Thu Aug 07, 2003 1:51 am

I ride a 12.8 Cabrinha Black Tip which is great
and recently destroyed a 14.9 RRD in 6 foot surf
The cost to repair this kite seemed too high so I've just ordered
a new 17.3 GK - I had a demo on one last night and it is a machine!

I recently got a new board - 136 Stonker which is the fastest board I've ridden and it gets me pumped to hit the water just looking at it.


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Postby luketheloony » Thu Aug 07, 2003 9:17 pm

i have a wipika amp 14,a wipika airblast 8.4,and a cyclone 120cm board all of this is the best and never had any kit better

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Postby johnmelton » Mon Aug 11, 2003 5:40 am

2001 Wipika Airblast 6, 8, 11, 16- all have great upwind,
2002 sent all back and got replacements because of mylar delamination
2003 Flysurfer Titan 12.5- great relauncher, slow turning though and bridle is high maintenance, incredible airtime and light wind performance.
2004 have tried a lot of new kites to replace Airblast, all of them high aspect as upwind is most important factor for me wanting to stay upwind in big waves with lots of sideshore current, all the new kites (except Titan and Naish x10) turn faster than Airblast but only x10 has better upwind and only just a fraction.

Boards- first two directionals including a 8ft. naish skypirate for really light wind, it works, then f-one 174 slices through chop and best upwind performance of anything I have tried. Currently on 142 wavetray- this is the most responsive board to rear foot pressure I have ever ridden, for 2004 I am looking for something with more fins I think. Rode a 110 wavetray just for fun lastweek, it was like riding a finless trick ski if anyone remembers those, a blast but need a steady wind to stay up.

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Postby Squig » Tue Aug 12, 2003 10:39 am

Wipika Free- Airs
Wipika Classic,
Board, home made converted surfboard.

Cabrinha Black Tips 6.8, 9.8, 12.8...
Board, Prankster 172

Cabrinha Co2 7.0m, Black tip 10.0, 14.0, Guerilla 18m,
Board Vari pro 148

brand new kit this month,
Flexifoil Storm2's 8, 12, 16
Board Vari pro 138, with Tarifa fins, the ones that came with the board kept falling out.
Da Kine control footstraps..
Stage2 bars on all me kites
Maui Magic Seat Harness.

Thinking of throwing more cash about soon.. maybe a 20meter BT Nitro with recon. & a custom board.

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Postby Mirkin » Thu Aug 14, 2003 8:37 am

10 000 (Ten Thousand) views...


:cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump:

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eugenio parra
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Postby eugenio parra » Fri Aug 22, 2003 7:43 pm

very simple.....
2002 virus 11 and 7; slingshot damis 157
2003 x3 16 and 10; naish hazmat 136 :dance:

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Postby Cavityking » Sun Aug 24, 2003 7:29 am

Guerilla's 10 and 13, will stack for the light stuff, with a 147 wavetray.

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Postby Amb356 » Tue Aug 26, 2003 3:12 pm

Ok, sorry but my kites aren' t 2003' s kite, but that too expensive for me ... I have a lot of kite, all second hand, but all great for me !

65kg :

2002 :KITE : Starter 7(F-one ram-air), then Ar5 7.5
BOARD : Surfactory 217, then Surfactory TT 193 then Kiteloose WK 140

2003 :KITE : Airblast 10/13.6 and Mach1 9.1 <--Two excellent kite !
BOARD : Always the Kiteloose WK 140 but whith large strap :P :thumb:


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Postby scepter » Wed Aug 27, 2003 1:36 pm

Kites: Toro II 8m2, Rhino II 12 and 18m2

Boards: Jaime Pro and Defender 150

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