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Your gear for 2003 ???? Pls contribute!

Find reviews of kites, boards and accessories

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Postby Hernan » Thu May 15, 2003 6:39 pm

80 kg, 21 years windsurfing, 2 kiting. No so radical (aging body), like to jump as high as I can and enjoy the view.

Two boards, Lighgwind: Custom 145x42 flat rocker. More wind: Wavetray 142x37. The WT is a pleasure to ride, Cons: a little heavy for my taste.

Kites: I have flyed Arxs, Airblast 01-02, X2: 20 and 14, R2 18, Slingshot 8 and BT03 10.

My actual quiver is a R2 18, an X2 14 and the BT03 10.
It looks like a mess but it isn't.
R2 18: I want a powerfull kite for light winds. It keeps me going at 8 knots with the big board. At 10-12 I swicht to the WT, holding 15 knots without problems. This kite pulls a lot, like to be parked, jumps well with good hangtime and supersoft landings. As the wind increase, it become a little technical, you have to addapt your style to the kite, keep it under control by edging hard, not a big deal.

X2 14: I like it but Im exchanging for a Toro2 14. The Naish is a very well behaved kite, natural, not so fast, holds tons of wind effortless, depowers better than the Rhino, goes faster to edge of the window. The overlap with the R2 18 is not so good as the X2 likes wind, it doesn't came alive until 16-18 knots (or more). In the lower end it goes well but not fun. I expect a little more punch from the Toro2 in the low and middle windrange.

BT03 10: Its a missile. Fast and super rangy, the best looking kite. Shoots you up like no other. A real weapon (sometimes gets scary). 22 KT and up.

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Postby michion » Fri May 16, 2003 8:59 am

Wave tray 142
Custom 91cm finless
Homemade 119 finless
X2 18,14,10
TORO 16,12
Custom swiveling hook on Cabrinha waist harness

Here in Wellington, New Zealand we have almost every condition you
can think of. (exept WARM). Completly covered to 30knts. 69kg

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Postby mickpilch » Fri May 16, 2003 9:40 am

my favourites...

14m 03BT put it on a smaller bar, great range, light & responsive, good hang/lift, love the power lock - and it comes off the water.

Wipika edge 'catman', smooth, quick and boosts real well - cuts like a knife

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Postby mmMeikel » Fri May 16, 2003 12:21 pm

I wanted to start in light wind conditions, ´cause I know wat a kite with 1.2 qm can do in strong wind...
I started with a Flysurfer 12qm SpeedAir, 2 weeks later I switched to the much more powerful 12´er MastAir! Good for cruising from 8kn on with a lightwind board.
board: 1,80m custom from Gert Schrader / Tomahowk (3,2 kg)
Than I bought a Wipika 8.4, my good, it was soo fast!

Holiday in Capetown, with the new 9.3 Warrior from Flysurfer, very good in waves, stable and fast if u want. I sold my 8.4 and bought a 6.3! My best tool overall! In strong wind I do more rely to a kite wich is ´complete´ powerless, if you pull the QR. (In 2003 I do know, that a 6.3 in 30++ knots can pull very hard on only one line...)
For capetown I built a 1,50 woody (5,5 kg), I could get the power of the kite using my board, great. It´s now on the wall...

In summer I built on my own a carbon "Blaze" (150 x 39,

In autumn I sold the Warrior and bought again a 8.4 Wipika (2002) and a Mach1 f-one 18.1 for light wind (10kn+)

I built a "Loaded" (138x36), it needs lots of power...
and bought a 2002 Wipika AB 10.0 and sold the 12´er MastAir

I got now 3 boards (+ one X-WAY 1,28 x 40,5 (HPL- Resopal-board with corecell-kern, nearly ready)
4 kites Wipi AB 6.3 8.4 10.0 an f-one 2002 Mach1 18.1

Lots of stuff

My club ( bought 3 toro1 (6,10,14) and 3 boards (fanatic) for our members

Greets from mmMeikel

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Postby Shamikaze » Fri May 16, 2003 12:25 pm

Wipika AMP 11.9 (16.2 flat)
Wipika AMP 8.7 (12 flat)
Wipika AMP 7.1 (9.6 flat) doubting if I'm gonna buy this kite R not

Wipika Edge Catman Pro-Model
Naish TT Directionl 4.10", soon to be replaced by D'Light custom Mutant

I love style-moves (slow and high while nicely stretched out), transitions & wave-riding.

73kg, 180 cm

Belgium - Ostend

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Postby grantwe » Fri May 16, 2003 4:01 pm

Takoon Wook 12m
Takoon Wook 16.5m

SlingShot Asylum 147
North Robo 140


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Postby KiteGlider » Sat May 17, 2003 5:13 am

106kg, 183TT, 240directional, Mastair16,

Gear for 2003 - Paraflysurf UDS-3 for Flysurfer Mastair16 upgrade,
and Spider Competition bar.

it all works, I'm happy! :D

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Postby Brenho » Sat May 17, 2003 7:33 am

82kg intermediate

Rhino 1 12m
Rhino 1 16m
Learned with ahd 180x45
then got a
RickShapes 165x39

Skoop2 11,5m
Skoop2 17m
TAD 148x37

The Skoop2 17 turns slower and needs more bar pressure than any other kite i have flown until now (and in the last days i have tried several other brands). I got my tendinit back on it's account!!!
The Skoop2 11,5 is simply the best kite i have ever flown! (Tod, try this one!)

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Postby SteveM » Sat May 17, 2003 8:34 am

85kg 2 years kiting

X3 20 (just replaced my X2 20)
X2 14
X2 8

Cyclone 150X45
Cyclone 140X40
Kitesurfer 141X37 (Lots of rocker)
Cyclone 145X33.5 (copy of Burotti Hellfire)

27 & 20, will try 15m soon.

Kite in the sea, choppy or waves from 9knots to 35knots

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Postby bezz » Sat May 17, 2003 9:53 am

I am a 65kg newcomer:


Kite: Flexifoil Blade II 3.0
No board


Kite: Takoon Woon 12
Board: Airush Square One

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