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short review Phoenix 25 by xray

Posted: Wed Aug 13, 2003 8:04 am
by Toby
Rider 92 kgs (intermediate)
Board Defender 157
Wind 8-12 knots
Flat waist deep water

Really a lot of grunt. Enormous power. Steer it through te powerzone at 2 bft and you won't be able to stay on your place.
Needed at least 10 knots to stay upwind (couldn't figure it out completely yet). Good depower. Very stable, can place it very well. Fun to be able to cruise when no one else can! Will be in the sky even in 2 bft.

Heavy steering, slow kite, but for its size pretty OK. Compared is too my old arx 15.5 from a feeling point of view. 10 m2 difference here so....

Relaunchable as of 9 knots. Does not flip over easy before that. Needs quitee some pressure to keep kite in shape for relaunching.

Nice finish (fool proof line ends etc..)
Still the lousy (non spinnable) safety system
Same bar as my GXR 16.5.

More to follow