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Liquid Force Spectrum 10m

Posted: Sun Mar 21, 2004 7:42 am
by conway
Today we had a nice 17-20kt se breeze and I got to put the 10m spectrum
to the test.
Fast. This kite is super fast. I had my own bar on the demo kite which is 50cm and after a few hours on the kite would think you would want a 40-45cm bar. I was also hooked up on the inner pigtail points.
The only other kites I have flown in this size are the Rhino 2 and X2.
This kite has much more depower than both of those and seems to punch thru the window much faster. Boost is on par with slightly less hang time than the R2 but about the same as the x2, however I would probably only take this kite out in 20+ which would give a bit more hangtime.
I have had three sessions on this kite now and like it alot.
90kg, Intermediate rider on 130x38 custom wavetray.

Posted: Wed Mar 24, 2004 10:10 am
by conway
Took this demo kite out again today in 25-30kts and got some wicked airtime. So much so - I want one!
The depower and gust control (as it was pretty gusty) was excellent IMO.

I have finally found a kite to upgrade from my Rhino 2 as to date nothing has come close in power, boost and hangtime but with better range.