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Best Nemesis 16 Review

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Best Nemesis 16 Review

Postby Kite-D » Sun Apr 11, 2004 8:34 pm

Kite: Best Nemesis 16
Bar: Best standar bar 60cm
Board: airush wake style 137cm
Lines: Best white lines 27m
Bindings: Nice Scout bindings (without heel strap, working as footstraps)

weight: 78kg nacked (80 with harness and wetsuit)
Level: Intermediate (high level)
Afiliation with Best Kiteboarding: None, just a happy customer (only bought 1 kite, planing to buy 12 21 and a board!)

Spot: Secret Spot in Alicante (Spain)
Wind: Av wind 11.4 knt; Max wind 16knt; Min 9.7knt (sideshore-onshore)
Sea: flat to choppy.

Kite set-up:
Pumping: center strut, tip struts and leading edge pumped very stiff, rest struts stiff enough.
Pig tails: Front pigtails on the nearest attachment to the LE. Back pig tails on the nearest attachment to the trailing edge.
Lines: front lines 1 knot above back lines, slightly slack back lines when fully powered.

Board Setup:
Stance: 32cm between bindings, front binding 20 deg, back binding -20 deg
Fins: 2.0 x 4 fin setup

FIRST IMPRESSION (1st Time to pump the kite):
-First i was a little dissapointed when i saw the bag, cauze with one handle i thought i was next to useless, but after having carried the kite for many days with struts defleted and inflated i can happy say its pretty usefull and when you use the "expandable mode" its really easy to fit in the kite.
-When i unrolled the kite i was very impressed and happy to see its a very well made kite with every detail on it, i really love those protections through all the leading edge and struts and that dacron strip that covers the match between canopy and LE, all the seams were very straight and well finished. At this point i was pretty pleased with the materials and the finish of the kite, It seemed really durable.
-When i pumped the kite i realized it was a high aspect kite and quite high ar, also the LE diameter is smaller than other brands (searching through the net to see how this could beneficiate the kite overall and came out with more speed due to less drag).
1st impression :lol: :thumb:

DURING THE DAY (only could ride 1 day with this size, wind increased up to 30knt the following days, time to take out my old lift 7,4)
-After switching on the anemometer and leaving it to record the speeds for that that i could see 12,3knt before launching my kite.
-At the time i launched (assisted) the kite i realized how much pull it had, and it was half the way depowered (in the strap), i took it to zenit first and it waited there until i moved the bar, amazing, really stable with no tendency to hinderburg, i walked a few steps under the kite and kept going with me, always striaght up (reminded me to the peter lynn, cant make them hindemburg). Being at zenit i felt like a constant pull trying to lift me, steer it one side, to the other, very quick turns that generated loads of pull, the kite was know fully depowered.

-went into the water, full powered the kite and just start planing up wind , down wind, the kite kept always power to even if i made some mistakes as going under the kite in a jibe it recover before i sunk in the water, just it kept me in a continuos ride.
-On the depower hook the riding was very confortable and the kite absorved the gusts pretty well.
-jumping: Easy!, just very very easy dont have to think where to take the kite to jump and dont stalling it, just pull the kite backwars and pop! an incredible amount of pull lifts you and in the air you feel like paragliding, huge hang time, u can think in the air if u want to loop the kite! the landings where very smooth. i cant tell the hight of the jumps but my girlfriend and other friends that where at the shore and saw me they said about 7-10 (21-30feet) quite high for me and for and average of 11.4, the thing is that this kite has such power that if u pull the bar as with other brand kite u suddently noticed u have pull too much, just awesome!
-Low end: there where about 2 time that i felt the wind came down (probably as the anemometer said 9.7knt) but i could saty up wind moving a little the kite, with no effort due to its turning speed!
-Water re-launch: i didnt drop the kite as its very forgiveable, i did it intentionaly and the water relaunch is easier than O3 kites (but it isnt fair to compare a 04 model with a 03) and comparing with others that where there, i would say i relaunch in less time than them

-After comparing it that day and tsting other 04 kites that where over there, im pretty pleased with the nemesis not for the price but for its performance. Im not going to put the brands i tested and compare with my nemesis as this is a review not publicity for any brand asi dont work for Best.

Im really happy with my kite anim planing to buy a 21 a 12 a 8 to complete my quiver also ill buy a board, i really recomend this kite to intermediate, advanced and expert riders, but not for beginers (to much for them).

If u have any question i may not have anwer with my honest review i would really like u post it, ill answer it as soon as i read it, thanx for reading it.

the bull

Postby the bull » Sat May 15, 2004 8:03 am

Im waiting for my neme 16 i will have it i a few weeks i hope to give you some good reviews too.

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Postby Kite-D » Sat May 15, 2004 12:08 pm

I guess u will be pretty satisficed, just as I, please post ur feelings!!!!

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Postby Keven » Fri Mar 20, 2009 5:03 am

Ive been looking at a 2004 14m nemesis, any other reviews/comments?

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