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dakine wake bag 4' 6"

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dakine wake bag 4' 6"

Postby zim » Tue Apr 13, 2004 9:02 pm

Overall i really like this bag it held my slinghsot zepplin (137cm) my custom 111cm board and three wetsuits. i probably could have packed all my clothes into it to save space but i didn't. It had lots of padding to protect the boards and the straps made it easier to carry through the check in line. the airline (northwest) didn't charge me any extra either. they did loose it on the return flight but the got it back to me within a day. The metalic color made it impossible to miss it going down the bagage conveyor belt. I did have to take off all the fins and straps to fit both the boards in. my zepplin fit perfectly lenghtwise so i dont think that any board over 140cm would fit. it is very wide in the center so it is easy to stuff extra padding or wetsuits and clothes in with the boards. :surf:

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