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Roguewaveboards 129x37.9 custom made review.

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Roguewaveboards 129x37.9 custom made review.

Postby c.w. » Mon Apr 12, 2004 11:10 am

The Board i ordered is a new school freestyleboard with a dominatrix bottom and tucked under rails. This combination should give the board both. Hard edging and smooth waveriding.
The weight of this board is about 2000g and its equiped with dakine footpads and straps, a slingshot handle and G10 Jimmy Lewis Fins.

on the water: I use this board as my one and only and i can do all i want.
It planes up early. 10 knts. with 16m kite and on the other site i am able to hold an edge when really powered up.
The most impressive thing is the combination of the dominatrix bottom and tucked under roundedge. You can ride even small waves on another Level. The fins do not catch and cut backs and bottom turns are really fun with it. For me its a perfekt board. You should try it.
AND the amazing thing is that you get a custom made board manufactered ona high level exactly as you want it. :!:
I put some pictures in the Gallery.
Christian w.

Infos at:

jon modica 17

Postby jon modica 17 » Tue Apr 13, 2004 2:33 am

im glad people are finally starting to realize the high quality of rogue wave i ride a 110 by 36 and let me tell u theres no board like it if u want to see it its all over islamorada videos thanks to george at (the best kite videos in the world)
its got a bright orange bottom with white in the middle if anyone wants more of my opinion on these boards u r free to ask

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Postby Mikael » Tue Apr 13, 2004 9:34 pm

yes it's good to see other people really appreciate these boards.
Where did you post the pics c.w.?

Jon: what size fin do you use with your 110 board? Have you tried different size and found one that works better?
Do you ride mostly on flat water or choppy or waves?

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