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Vegas 14M experience

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Dave K
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Vegas 14M experience

Postby Dave K » Sun Apr 18, 2004 3:40 am

Just sailed my new Vegas 14 yesterday for about 2 hours. Amazing kite. I used the pre-rigged North scepter bar that came with the kite and the SKU spinning shackle. I am 45 and consider myself a typical old guy intermediate weekend warrior (2 1/2 years of kiting, but no guts for kite looping or airborne handle passes). I'm 90Kg and sail a Hannah Crew Excalibur (140cm by 44cm). I normally sail Aero II's (10, 14) which I have had for over a year and an R2 20M (too big to compare).

I used the innermost rear line attachment points (slower turning) for my first ride. [Worried about all that fast turning stuff I had read about in other reviews]. The kite quality was top notch and felt extremely solid when pumped up. I was sailing the north flats at south Padre with typical gusty offshore SE winds. The kite was rock stable and would stay wherever it was planted. Power seemed very smooth with plenty of depower for the gusts. Depower in a gust and the kite just runs to the front of the window without overshooting and you rocket upwind. In the lulls I sheet in a bit and get plenty of power from working the kite. Jumping was great (longer and higher than my aero II's). While I would hit maybe 50% of my back spin 720's on the Aero II, on the Vegas I hit almost every one with butter smooth landings, all on my first ride. The extra hang time also ment I was actually coming out with some speed on my transitions. Bar pull felt steady.

About the only adjustment I would make is shortening the stock chicken line length to reduce arm extension at full depower. I didn't try jumping hooked in to the power hook, but it felt nice for riding.

At the slow turn setting this kite will work for any novice or intermediate (like me). I might try the middle rear line setting the next time out, but am in no rush to learn kite looping, and I don't kite in the surf.

I have no association with the Kite industry (I build equipment for the semiconductor industry) and I paid a typical price (10% off list) from a retail shop. I am sure there are other great kites out there, I just haven't tried them. With just 2 hours on it I can easily say this is a big step up from my Aero II's, which I still think are good all around kites. I am going to add a 10M Vegas to my quiver and stick with the R2 20M for those light wind days.

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