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DVD: Progression by Fat Sand Production

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DVD: Progression by Fat Sand Production

Postby Toby » Wed May 05, 2004 11:29 am

During the Kite Show the Fat Sand Production team, Rob and Pete, filmed the whole event and will make a DVD out of it.
During the event they showed their instructional DVD"Progeression". I just had a short looked at it, but many people told me how good it is.
So I ask Pete and Rob, if they can send me a DVD to review it.

I already watched it two times now and it is excellent.
First the beautiful colors of the Magawish sandbar (Egypt) will make you go crazy. And if you are at the level to learn backloops, forward loops and transitions, this DVD will show you how to successfully manage those tricks.
Everything is explained: what your head, shoulders, board, arms, kite etc is doing or should do.
With these instructions you will manage those tricks for sure.
It has about 86 min of running time and shows you all possible angles where you can exaclty see, how to do it.

Congratulations to Rob and Pete, that truly is a "Masterpiece" for DVD's !

'Kiteboarding Progression' is an instructional DVD, aimed at intermediate kiters wanting to learn or improve their technique in forward loops, backward loops and transitions.

Designed exclusively for the DVD format, Progression utilises a host of technologies, from multiple angles to animated slide-shows, in order to assist in the leaning process.


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Postby rolltide » Sat May 08, 2004 7:19 am

Great video, aside from the format.
Be aware the DVD is a PAL format and the majority of DVD players in the USA do not support this format.
Luckily I found one that did and copied it to VHS.
Fat Sands should use buxom ladies in their future instructional videos tho-
not only would the male viewer pay closer attention, the utilization of the slow motion feature would be an added bonus. :D

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