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Naish X4 12 and 16

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Naish X4 12 and 16

Postby Toby » Fri May 14, 2004 3:48 pm

In Egypt I was able to put my hands on an X4 for the first time.

I tested the 12 and 16 against my R4 12 and 16.
First I took out my R4 12 in very strong winds for 2 hrs, then in the same winds I took out the X4 12 for another 2 hrs.

X4 12:
When taking out the X4 12 for the first time you immediately feel the stronger pull on the bar. It flies slower than the R4 12 and you feel it more in your arms.
I felt reminded of my R2, stronger pull, slower in turning.
When jumping I was convinced, it is more like an R2 than R4.
The X4 12 jumps very high and hangs long. Better than the R4 12, but not as much, just a little. Height is more similar, than hangtime.
For kiteloops the X4 12 is a harder puller and not as fast.
But for jumping, it is better.
Due to its hangtime and harder pull, I assume the low end of the X4 12 is better than the R4 12, but on the other hand the R4 12 can be flewn in stronger winds than the X4 12.

X4 16:
Same for the X4 16. It feels harder on the bar and is slower than my R4 16. You feel it specially when turning the kite back for a jump or after you landed steering the back up. I had to pull hard to get the kite back up.
With the 16 I was a little bit dissapointed, since it didn't get me as high as the 12 in comparison. Here the R4 16 was better. Since the jumps were not as high, I can't compare the hangtime at this point.
And maybe I had a bit less wind, so the kite may get higher, but not at this time.
Another time flying it should give me more info about that, I will post it, if I did test it again.
For kiteloops the R4 16 is the better choice as well.
I assume the low end of the X4 16 is better than the R4, but therefore the high end of the R4 is better.

Relaunch I didn't test any of the kites.

As conclusion you can say, that the new X4 is more like a R2, which is still a great kite for jumping and hangtime.
So if you want to boost big, the X4 is a great tool for it.
If you want to add new style and kite loopsand have less weight, the R4 should be a better choice.

This is based on my observations and depending on my style, weight (90kgs), board 8X-Shooter XXX), etc. I prefer to jump high and like looping more and more.

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