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Review X-Shooter XXX

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High Fly
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Review X-Shooter XXX

Postby High Fly » Sun May 23, 2004 6:56 am

I know you are all waiting for the review of the X-Shooter XXX, but because we just had a little baby daughter I didn’t had the time to test the board, BUT……………… here it is:

When I receive the board en unpacked it I really liked the board.
The most impressive was the smooth bottom. Even a local dealer was wondering how X-Shooter made this bottom.
The second thing I directly noticed was the soft footpads.

The first time I was on the water I had some difficulties with the size (122 cm). Last year I used the Cabrinha Vari Pro 138, so it is a little shorter. But ones you get used to it, you will love it.

So far I tested the XXX with the Rhino 04 ( 20-14-10-8 ) from a friend of my.
The board is really fast and easy to handle. Upwind is no problem with this board (and kite).

I like the grip on the top of the board. It doesn’t matter what kind of trick you are trying, you always have the right grip.

Unfortunately I also notice some down points :cry: :
-With the 20 meter it was difficult to go upwind (but don’t forget it is a short board)
Maybe the next time I will try lager fins.
-The footpads are slippery. I’m thinking of replacing them.
-When I’m kiting I get a water spray exactly in my face (very annoying)

BUT ……………………………..

Overall I know why the call it:


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