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DVD Review - The complete Kiteboarding Guide

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DVD Review - The complete Kiteboarding Guide

Postby Airtime » Mon Aug 09, 2004 9:05 pm

Profile: The video is available in five languages, 2 1/2 hours of instructional content.
Stars: Mark Shinn, Robby Nash, Adam Koch, Abel lago. Produced by and distributed from Norway.
trailer can be downloaded at

First off, I would like to mention that yes this is yet another instructional video on kite surfing. It follows the same lines as the now antiquated Boosting video series. Although a much more modern version and more complete since it takes you from the very beginning right through advanced, all within the one DVD. Also the cinematography and editing uses a much more modern approach to video teaching.. I definitely appreciated the camerawork . In most shots they show both the kite and the rider without making it seemed too far away.. the video was easy to navigate and get to sections that would interest everyone from a beginner to an advanced rider.. there is something for everyone!

I first learned about this video a few weeks ago from a posting within this form ( someone posted a link to the intro from the video.. I thought the introduction was well done and is good as any other video of its kind . I found my way to the producer of the video And was led to an online ordering page that I posted my information. After submitting my information I was instructed where to send my money.. Norway somewhere. One of the options available to make it simpler was the ability to use pay pal. I chose this option and received a confirmation directly from and one from pay pal..

I made the assumption that I would not see the video for at least four weeks.. Much to my surprise I received it within two weeks without any difficulties. (I am located in Canada)

The video is well-organized and as mentioned earlier it takes you from the very beginner level, Right through advanced tricks like kite loops and handle passes. I also really enjoyed the interviews , since they were more modern and up-to-date than anything I had seen in the past.

A couple negative points..
I understand that in order to make these videos , you need sponsorship and money, it would have been nice to incorporate some of the other manufacturers and their technologies.. This was a Nash only video. I had never seen UDS system before.. and this was a great opportunity to see how the safety system works without pestering someone on the beach. It would have been nice if they also showed some safety systems from different manufacturers…
I also would like to have like to have seen a couple foils maybe FS or peterlynn

I probably would have never of purchase this video by looking at the packaging.. its graphically uninteresting...and actually looks a little dated.. if I went into a store , and it was lined up beside a whole bunch of other videos , including boosting.. I probably would have chose one of the others. I did not think the video stood out enough, in the packaging makes it look either outdated or two simple...

also would have been nice if they added a segment or a menu for snow kiting.. or even mentioned that snow kiting existed.. (okay I will stop whining now)

Anyways, as it has been said before.. videos are not a substitution for professional training.. They are only a supplement.. If you are looking for a good instructional video to supplement your professional training.. This would be a good one.. It’s well-organized… good photography and has 2 1/2 hours of content.

good work guys...

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