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RRD type Z (20m)

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RRD type Z (20m)

Postby Jeff82 » Thu May 27, 2004 11:42 am

First impressions had me thinking that the kite wouldn't fly well and that the zips would be a joke and wouldn't work. I was wrong though, the 20m is actually a pretty insane kite which had me flying in about 5 knots of wind (~68kg, 120MLF) and I've had it out in wind close to 15 knots. The kite turns really fast which is a big suprise, I was really working the kite yesterday in hardly any wind and it was turning on a dime. It actually feels really nice to fly, in about 10 knots I was able to park the kite and just go, well powered and able to do a few fairly sizable jumps (something I never thought I'd be able to do in 10 knots). I'm used to riding kites around the 14m mark, so to hop on a kite of this size I thought would've made a big difference but to tell the truth it behaved much the same as the 14-16m kites I've flown. One thing that I noticed though is that you float alot more. Off a small jump you actually get a fair bit of airtime cause you seriously just float back down much slower than your normal kites. The bigger kite made it possible to just swing off the lines and hang there. I can't imagine being able to use a bigger kite than this for somebody my weight. I was able to keep the kite in the sky while I was out yesterday in about 5 knots (underpowered but still able to keep upwind, just...oh and I had the zips undone which depowers the kite :roll: ) but in the lulls (2-3 knots) it would hindenburg. This is nothing against the kite though (I let some kook borrow the kite :bye:, not really :thumb: ), and on the ground you could barely feel the wind. I watched old mate fly the kite for a bit zipped and unzipped and you could see the difference straight away. Unzipped the kite is much more open and sits more forward in the window, zip them up and the back tucks in and it sits further into the powerzone. It actually looked extremely stable while in the sky, did some kiteloops and then, when then fell out of the sky (no wind). So from 2 days riding in wind no more than 15 knots, 2 riders agree that the kite is a goer, it's sick. If it's windy enough to hold up a kite this thing will be in the sky dragging you if your my size, and when it's teasing everybody else on the beach you can be on the water powered up and having just as good a time as if it was 10 knots stronger on your smaller kites. Build quality looks pretty good, I'm not an expert in this department but from what I could tell it wasn't gonna fall apart on me too quickly, and it's a good looking kite too. Bag is pretty standard, comfy to carry but nothing special. I can't think of anything else to write so I guess I'll stop here :bye:

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