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any review on Naish MTX ?

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any review on Naish MTX ?

Postby ®H178 » Fri Jun 04, 2004 10:50 pm

Has anyone ridden the Naish MTX lately?

Intrested in highwind performance & waveriding prop's...

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Postby thiazzz » Mon Jun 07, 2004 10:00 am

yes. i have it and i have ridden it... For me (88kg) the board is perfect for almost all windsituations...on the lowend (10 knots) i rather use a bigger board...speed is awsome, riding on the nose is just like a tt, jumping on the "sweet" side is just perfect...good board. The board feels very light, turns very easy, has a sick amount of speed, a lot of control. You don't need to gybe it. It breaks out for a normal turn a little harder then with my other board, but it is ok.
In overpowered conditions it has a lot of grib and control. In very low conditions (10-12 knots, 17m2, 88kg) I couldn't keep height with this board, that was little better with my 148.

do a search on "mtx" on this forum, you will find a lot of handy info...

check here for more reviews: ... =0&thold=0 ... D=394&PN=1

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Postby SteveM » Mon Jun 07, 2004 11:58 am

I have only ridden mine 4 times. Once in 10 - 12 knots with a V4 20, twice in 25 to 30 with a Boxer 9 and once with a V4 16 in about 15 knots.

The mutant side is great. Very fast, great grip, wave riding - very tight bottom turn and very tight grippy off the top turn, but I don't like the TT side. It may just be a case that I need to ride the board more, but in light wind dig the front in easily and in overpowered conditions also overedge it and bounce out. I currently either jibe it, doable but iffy, or ride it toeside.

Be careful as the screws come loose, need to use the long fin screws for the footstraps and get slightly longer screws for the fins, also best to use tocktight.


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