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North Vegas 12

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North Vegas 12

Postby 5score » Mon Jun 07, 2004 1:10 am

I know a lot of people have chimed in on this kite, but here's my $0.02. I strongly believe that this kite is the first of a new breed of kites that are aimed at making kiting especially fun for the rest of us that aren't pros.

conditions: Gusty 10-23 mph wind over small waves/chop. 165 lb (75 kg) rider, average skill (jumping, powered transitions, a few tricks), Gaastra Contact 136 board. Not biased or sponsored - I buy all my gear. Comparing to: 2003 Naish Aero II, 2004 Cabrinha CO2, 2003 Gaastra GXR, and my own homemade kites. I did not use the North bar for this demo, instead used the 2004 Gaastra spinnable bar (50cm).

RANGE: While I didn't get a chance to test the top end, I was always in control of this kite. In lulls, I could work the kite easily to stay on plane and the kite absorbed the gusts well. Lots of usable chicken-loop travel: I could not oversheet it and when depowered was *really* depowered. Easy to get to the front of the window.

JUMPING: Good but not exceptional height. I'm still working on my timing for this kite, but I felt comfortable right away. The kite's speed helps correct mistakes. Landings were medium speed - not dropping like a rock, not floating away.

TURNING SPEED: Whoa, nelly. I used the middle rear attach points and it was as fast as my Aero II 12 (a really fast kite). I have yet to try the outside attachments and it will be a while before I do. In transitions I was never waiting for the kite to come around.

BAR PRESSURE: High, but that's what you get if you want a range-y kite like this. Similar bar pressure as a 2004 CO2 12. Great feedback about where the kite is.

RELAUNCH: Didn't get a chance to try it - it never hit the water!

After being frustrated with kites that worked me (instead of the other way around), I was looking for a kite that made kiting fun again. This is it. It's super forgiving and easy to handle, but still performs as well as any kite I've flown. Thumbs way up. :thumb:

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