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Gaastra Stealth: just fun!!!

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Gaastra Stealth: just fun!!!

Postby Wolfgang » Thu Jun 10, 2004 2:40 pm

After some 20 hrs flight time in 10-27 knots with my Stealth 18/14/10 quiver, mostly riding my 140x35.5, I (76 kg) gained the following impressions:

- Amazing upwind capability, thus easy to build up speed for high jumps.

- Excellent lift & hangtime: I did not feel being in disadvantage compared to other kiters at the beach flying high performers as R4, Vegas, Fuel, Nitro. However, for those who are used to the GXR's sudden lift, the Stealth's lift appears softer to me, but then you quickly learn that this "softness" does not affect jump height or airtime. You will feel and appreciate this "softness" in fast turns or loops as well.

- Low steering forces, but not overreactive. Stealth 18 feels like a 16, Stealth 14 feels like a 12. Stealth 10 of course really can get fast in fast winds, you have to keep it in your eyes from time to time, but if you do that it's so relaxing to fly it in high winds.

- Wide range of use: In about 10 knots, riding my 140x35.5, flying Stealth 18, I already could go upwind a little - what should I want more? I flew Stealth 10 up to 27 knots with the adjuster half way down, haven't reached upper limit yet.

- Solid looking construction, rotation bar (which, however, I use with my Wichard as that's the QR I trust most), a line connectors set up which avoids mix up of front and back lines, etc. The only thing I miss are three more one-way valves for the inner struts instead of the normal ones.

Disclosure: Unfortunately, I am not sponsored by Gaastra or any other brand, and I have to pay myself for my kite stuff.

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