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DVD's worth watching

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DVD's worth watching

Postby sinbad » Wed Jun 16, 2004 11:33 pm

I just recived my copy of K.I.T.E.S. Secrets of Kiteboarding i watched it again and again last night at home. I think it is the best instructional DVD i have seen. It answered so many question and explained things so much better.

It also has a section for the more advanced riders wanting to do handle passes and other fancy stuff the pro rider explaining it made it sound really easy but mentioned a lot about what can and will go wrong and the reasons. Also how to fix it up to.

I really think that the dvd should be with every kite package sold at the moment over here you get Boost 1 & 2 but K.I.T.E.S is so much better for learners.

I was really impressed i would recomend it to everyone starting out. Can't wait fot the next one.

Now all i'm waiting for is some wind so that i can get out and try some of the pointers i have picked up in the dvd.

Also i still recomend you get some lessons first from an instructor. I'm new to kite boarding and have had lessons but was still left wanting more info.
The part about getting on your board and what to do first was really good and the tips they give you on that section is worth every $ you pay for the DVD.

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